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Aarschot,  Vlaams Brabant 
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Virtual Surveyor is Smart Drone Surveying Software used for topographic surveying, mining & quarrying, construction earthworks and stockpile inventory.

Virtual Surveyor helps you to create lightweight CAD models from your drone data that you can use further in your CAD software. Intelligent line drawing and point gridding functions let you switch easily between what you can do best “interpreting” and what the computer can do best “calculating”. These smart tools speed up the creation of your topographic surveys significantly, especially for large areas.

Calculations can also be done directly in Virtual Surveyor without the need for going through a CAD model first. Terrain cleaning tools allow you to remove conveyors and machines with a single-click after which you can create or import reference surfaces and calculate stock volumes.

Different drone surveys and design files can be compared over time by grouping all your data in terrain states. Then you can calculate volume differences and generate cut-and-fill analysis between any terrain state.


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