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February 6-8, 2022 / Denver, CO

Security & Emergency Information

Below you will find safety and security recommendations, as well as the Emergency Response Plan for the event. Please take a moment to review and familiarize yourself with this information in advance of the event and share it with any of your staff who will be on-site at the event.

Safety Information
  • Show Management works diligently with the facility prior to each show to ensure the safety and security of all exhibitors, attendees, and the event. If you have any security concerns leading up to the show or on-site, please bring them to the attention of Show Management via email (mlewia@divcom.com) or at Registration Desk on-site.
  • All persons in the exhibit area must wear a badge. This includes during move-in, event hours, and move-out. Exhibitors are responsible for ordering badges for their workers and staff. 
  • Security guards will "sweep" the halls at the close of the event each day to clear them of all visitors and personnel. Only exhibitor personnel who have requested special permission will be allowed in the halls after closing.
  • Any thefts or damage must be reported to event security immediately.
  • Even with security as protection, exhibitors are asked to take precautions in guarding their exhibits. Remember that move-in and move-out hours are particularly sensitive times when thefts are most likely to occur. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BOOTH UNATTENDED. If you need to leave, we strongly recommend packing up all items and hiring private security for your booth.
  • Be Careful! 24-hour security service will be provided to protect the show as a whole. However, it is up to you to exercise prudent judgment and to safeguard your personal property and belongings. At the end of each day, remove anything of value that can be easily removed.
  • Notify someone if you notice a safety hazard in the building. If you notice any potential safety hazards such as wires on floor that have not been taped off, metal structures extending into the aisles, etc., be sure to notify either Show Management, Freeman (the show’s general contractor), or the building liaison to get it taken care of before anyone gets hurt.
  • Be aware and be prepared. When you leave the facility at the end of the day, be sure to remove your badge. Program the emergency numbers from this document into your cell phone or carry the document with you.
  • Walking at night? Be sure to travel in pairs or call a cab. Be aware of your surroundings and take caution if new to the city. Leave your cell phone on overnight in case of an emergency.

Security Tips on Safeguarding Booth Property
  • Coordinate shipping and deliveries. Try to be onsite when your product is being delivered to your booth.
  • Conduct an inventory. Once your product has been delivered, note any missing or damaged items. Note display locations.
  • Store any excess product/giveaways and extra electronic devices in a locked cabinet. Do not leave purses, briefcases, or valuables behind drapes or underneath tables, this is the first place any thief will look.
  • When arriving in the morning, go directly to your booth to prevent any early personnel from free shopping in your booth.
  • Plan to have staff manning your booth during all times when the exhibit floor is open to attendees and other exhibitors.
  • If your booth contains a lot of valuables which are difficult to secure or time-consuming to setup or teardown daily, it is recommended that your hire your own security guard overnight. The expense will be justified should you lose one item. Exhibitor Booth Security can be arranged by contacting Tried and True Event Staff at 407-423-7898.
  • Cover your displays with a tarp or other non-see through materials; it creates a mental block to any perpetrator.
  • Blocking the entrance to your booth prior to leaving provides a mental barricade to any perpetrator. Use either caution tape or place chairs at the entrance.
  • Try to greet anyone that comes into your booth as this will send a signal that you are aware of their presence; this will discourage any perpetrators from attempting to steal.
  • During the start of move-out, please stay with your booth until you either pack it or the official decorator brings your empties and packs it. Do not leave your booth immediately; spend some time in your booth until the floor clears. This is one of the premium times during which theft occurs. Schedule outbound travel accordingly.
  • Obtain proper insurance coverage for your goods, including transit to and from the show site.
  • Do not leave any prototype product unsecured in your booth!

Geo Week Emergency Response Plan

The purpose of the Geo- Week Emergency Response Plan is to provide guidelines to prepare for potential crisis or emergency situations. We want to ensure all Exhibitors are provided with important information and proper communication during an emergency. If you have any questions, please contact our team at mlewia@divcom.com

Potential Crisis Situations

Please be aware of the below possibilities and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible. To report suspicious activity, contact the Security Base Command immediately by dialing 200 from any CCC house phone or if calling from a personal cellular phone dial 303-228-8030. Describe specifically what you observed, including: who or what you saw, when you saw it, where it occurred and why it's suspicious.

Terrorist Attack | Inclement Weather | Fire | Bomb Threat | Medical Emergency | Civil Disorder | Active Shooter

Colorado Convention Center Emergency Protocol
Security & Emergency Phone Numbers:
 *CCC Security Base:  303-228-8030 | From CCC House phone: Dial 200

The Security Base Command Center number, 303-228-8030 (or 200 from CCC house phone) is the primary emergency number for the facility.  The Base Coordinator will dispatch the appropriate personnel. All Security Agents have received training in basic first aid and CPR, and in the use of AEDs. It is important to stay calm when reporting an incident.  Give your name, location and specifics involving the emergency. 
1. If there is a suspected fire, an audible alarm will sound and strobes will flash activating a voice message instructing individuals that the alarm is being investigated and to please stand by for further instructions. 
  • If determined to be a false alarm, messaging will follow that normal activity may resume. 
  • If determined to be an actual fire, messaging will inform all to evacuate the affected zone(s) via the safest Emergency Exit. 
2. Remain calm and proceed to the nearest Emergency Exit (exit signs are located above the door or stairwell), clearing others along the evacuation path if they will follow and exit the building immediately.
3. Do not attempt to use elevators or escalators in the event of a fire.
4. Do not re-enter the building until instructed by Security or fire department personnel.
5. Once the “All Clear” has been given, Security or other CCC personnel will communicate it is safe to re-enter to the building and the message will be conveyed over the public address system.
1. Remain calm. 
2. Be attentive but do not take time to retrieve personal property.
3. If possible, assist elderly and disabled persons.
4. Do not loiter or wait for others.
5. Do not try to re-enter the building. 
6. Listen for the “All Clear” signal given by CCC’s Incident Response Team before attempting to enter the building.
1. Remain calm. 
2. Be attentive and follow the instructions of CCC’s Security, Guest Services, and other building personnel.
3. Go into an interior meeting or ballroom and get as far from the windows, as possible.
4. Assist any elderly or disabled persons.
5. Do not try to leave the building – stay in the interior meeting or ballroom. 
6. Listen for the “All Clear” sign given by CCC’s Emergency Response officials before attempting to leave the building.

Additional Emergency Phone Numbers 
Colorado Convention Center Emergency Number: CCC House Phone #200 or from your phone 303-228-8030
National Weather Service – Denver/Boulder, CO: 303-494-4221
Denver Police Department – Emergency: 911
Denver Police Department – Non-Emergency: 720-913-2800
Denver Fire Department – 720-913-3430

Nearby Pharmacies, Urgent Care, & Hospitals For Geo Week
St. Joseph's Hospital 1835 Franklin St., Denver, CO 80202 303-837-7111
Concentra Urgent  Care 1730 Blake St Ste. 100, Denver, CO 80202 303-296-2273
Walgreens 801 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202 303-571-5314
CVS 750 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202 303-534-1182

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