Clirio, Inc.

Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 1031

Clirio is a mobile app for instantly capturing, sharing, reviewing, and resolving worksite field observations, issues, or updates.   Clirio users employ the app to collect notes, photos and even 3D scans (using the laser scanner built into a new iPad or iPhone Pro). These field observations are automatically geo-referenced within the map-based workspace and stored in a secure cloud database.   An intuitive interface allows colleagues, managers, contractors or stakeholders to sort, review, compare and action field observations.  Other data types (such as large-scale photogrammetry, LiDAR, CAD, and subsurface data) can also be added to the workspace.  Teams can collaborate as a group in a live, remote, virtual holographic meeting around one or more 3D scans from within the app.  Clirio accurately documents a “digital twin” of observations as the worksite evolves over time, letting users revisit the site’s current or historical points of interest from anywhere at any time.

Supercharge your team's field inspection via easy capture of georeferenced images, notes and 3D LiDAR scans, with the Clirio app.


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