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February 13-15, 2023 / Colorado Convention Center / Denver, CO

CHC Navigation  

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CHC Navigation is a global provider of innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions covering a wide range of professional applications, including land and airborne surveys, conventional GNSS surveys, 3D mass data acquisition, precision farming, unmanned navigation and robotics, real-time GNSS infrastructure and more.

With established experience in real-time precision GNSS, scanners, airborne drones and advanced 3D point cloud algorithms, we create advanced hardware and software solutions for both mapping and geospatial mass data acquisition, processing and maintenance. Our mobile mapping solutions include the latest developments in laser scanning pertinent to the geospatial community and the accelerating demand from smart city applications around the world.

With a global presence and distributors in more than 120 countries and more than 1,500 employees, CHC Navigation is today recognized as one of the fatest-growing companies in the geospatial industry. For more information about CHC Navigation, please visit: www.chcnav.com


CHCNAV | Geospatial Solutions
CHCNAV | Introducing the AlphaAir 450 LiDAR scanner

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  • AlphaUni 10 is one of the latest compact & lightest multi-platform LiDAR systems launched by CHCNAV, which can reach 5 cm absolute accuracy. The system integrates a high-precision HESAI scanner and an advanced GNSS & IMU module. Due to its specially designed structure and lightweight, AlphaUni 10 is suitable for the data collection on various mobile platforms: airborne, vehicle and even backpack. It also supports an internal camera module for picture data captured at the same time from the UAV setup.
  • AlphaUni 20 is the new generation of cost-effective multi-platform mobile mapping system based on CHCNAV's advanced LiDAR technology and a unique flexible installation design. Aimed at further democratizing the geospatial market, CHCNAV's high-end LiDAR scanner technology, which features high point cloud density, high precision and professional-grade accuracy, provides accurate point clouds and immersive panoramic imagery for vehicle-based applications such as road paving, road maintenance or asset management.

 Press Releases

  • The AlphaAir 450 is a very lightweight and compact all-in-one sensor. Featuring internal IMU, GNSS, 3D scanner and camera, the AlphaAir 450 solution is widely used for power line inspection, topographic mapping, emergency response, agricultural and forestry surveys, and more. The unit is easy to use, and it is allowed for rapid deployment in the field.

    "Despite the fact that LiDAR scanning is an efficient technology to capture 3D data, it still often remains costly and complex to operate," said Andrei Gorb, Product Manager of CHC Navigation's Mobile Mapping Division. " Taking that into account, we introduce the AlphaAir 450 (AA450), a breakthrough LiDAR scanner that delivers user-friendly and high-accuracy capabilities at a reasonable price.”

    There are three key aspects of the AlphaAir 450 that quickly created a buzz in the drone users’ community as a new solution for capturing geospatial data:

    Lightest unit in its class - With this new compact and lightweight solution that can be easily mounted on UAVs, data capture has become faster and more efficient. The LiDAR's weight is a constraint for any drone. The AlphaAir 450 weighs 1 kg, which is perfectly suited to the drones' payload requirements. The lighter the unit, the longer the operating time of the drone, and the greater the productivity.

    Advanced Accuracy - By combining industrial grade GNSS with a high precision IMU, the AlphaAir 450 can easily achieve an absolute accuracy of 5 cm (vertical) and 10 cm (horizontal) for small survey areas, which is typically adequate for the most use cases. To further improve precision and accuracy, users can apply adjustment algorithms in the CHCNAV CoPre software.

    Industrial Reliability - Featuring IP64 high-level protection, the AlphaAir 450 extends its operating temperature capabilities, down to -20℃ and up to +50℃, in any field environment and increases users' return on investment by providing more field survey days in a year.

  • With its concept of high accuracy, long endurance, and multiple payloads, P330 Pro meets the requirements of professionals in mining, construction and infrastructure, environmental monitoring, and the agriculture industry.

    "P330 Pro changes the way to capture geospatial information. Surveyors and engineers no longer need to spend time on fieldwork preparation to set up GCP systematically to reference the survey. P330 Pro provides professionals with an innovative and versatile platform that can hold an orthophoto camera or optional sensors, such as an oblique camera. Moreover, its integrated GNSS and IMU modules meet the most demanding requirements for mapping and topographic surveys,” said Dylan Cao, Product Manager at CHC Navigation’s UAV Division. “As a result, the use of the P330 Pro UAV compared to less versatile UAV solutions allows aerial survey companies to significantly improve their return on investment.”

    CHC Navigation P330 Pro UAV solution is packed with the features to make it the most powerful VTOL drone on the market.

    Long Endurance, High Efficiency –The P330 Pro VTOL drone achieves longer flight time, for the missions up to 150 minutes duration and to map a region of up to 20 km² at a scale of 1:2000. It integrates a high-accuracy GNSS RTK/PPK module with up to 100 Hz differential data update rate for ultimate accuracy.

    Mapping anywhere – No runway and no extra equipment are needed for takeoff and landing. P330 Pro, as efficiently as a fixed-wing airplane, can take off and land almost anywhere – even in confined spaces or on rough terrain.

    Easy and Safe Operation –The P330 Pro is packed with the latest aviation technologies such as dual GNSS system, triple IMU systems, five safe return to base strategies, and nine security monitoring checks. Those technologies ensure the safety of flight operations and the reliability of aerial survey results.The EasyFly ground control software makes mission planning and pre-flight checks easier and safer.

    Compatible with many airborne sensors – P330 Pro makes no compromises on aerial image quality. Whether you need data for orthophotos, 3D models or multispectral mapping, P330 pro carries the best camera for every application. By exchanging cameras in the field, various types of data can be acquired with the same drone.

  • AlphaUni LiDAR Series

    High-precision, easy installation, multi-platform

    The new AlphaUni series enhances CHCNAV's Alpha Mobile Mapping family with one of the lightest and most versatile long-range laser scanner systems available on the high-end market. The series provides optimized data sets powered by advanced GNSS/INS sensors and long-range Riegl® scanners. AlphaUni's design adapts to a variety of applications and can be installed on a variety of platforms, including multi-rotor UAV, fixed-wing VTOL UAV, vehicles, rail trolleys, backpacks, boats, and more.

    "The purchase of a 3D mobile mapping system is too often constrained to a specific purpose, such as airborne or ground survey. A lot of our customers expressed the need to have a professional LiDAR solution that can be used in different scenarios, offering optimal adaptability to their current and future needs," said George Zhao, CEO of CHC Navigation. "With our AlphaUni series, we are now introducing an innovative response with a multi-platform LiDAR system that can be used with an aerial or marine drone, on a vehicle or carried as a backpack. In addition, the long flight autonomy of our new BB4 UAV allows missions over large areas in a single flight for exceptional productivity".

    BB4 UAV

    Up to 7 kg payload and 45 minutes flight time

    The BB4 UAV is a high-end multi-rotor drone optimized for the CHCNAV AlphaUni 300/900/1300 LiDAR series. Its exclusive modular design simplifies deployment in just a few minutes. Its 7 kg payload breaks the capacity barrier and over 45 minutes flight time redefines the LiDAR airborne survey ability. The redundant CHCNAV and DJI IMU and GNSS units provide reliable centimeter RTK positioning, meeting the demand for high accuracy in the geospatial and mapping industry.


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