ITRES Research Limited

Calgary,  AB 
  • Booth: 309

ITRES (1979) is an Alberta-based airborne hyperspectral remote sensing imager manufacturer and worldwide mapping survey provider.

ITRES imagers are designed for hyperspectral and thermal imaging of manmade and natural areas. Our LiDAR-ready systems cover al lmajor spectral regions: Hyperspectral Visible Near Infrared Airborne Spectrographic imager (CASI) Shortwave Airborne Spectrographic  Imager (SASI) Mid Wave Airborne Spectrographic Imager (MASI), Long Wave Airborne Spectrographic Imager (TASI) and the Midwave Airborne Broadband Imager (TABI).

ITRES  produces a line of microSystems: The microCASI-1920 (VNIR), the microSASI-384 (SWIR) and microTABI-640 - all are designed for lab/UAV or standard Aerial use. Functionalities include realtime radiometric correction as well as on-the-fly image analysis using preloaded or custom parameters.

Supporting products include multiple sensor operation (data fusion), remote operation capability, client located calibration supports, and in-flight processing including geo-correction for broadband thermal (TABI-1800) acquisitions in support of SAR activities.


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