Leuven,  Flanders 
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Since 2013, XenomatiX has continuously pursued a path focused on technology innovation in true solid state lidars.  

XenomatiXtrue solid state lidars are based on a unique multi-beam lasers concept and mature, scalable, semiconductor technology. Today, XenomatiX sensors help customers all over the world make the right decisions based on high resolution and accurate point cloud data.  

XenomatiX has developed 3 main product lines to accommodate various industries: the millimeter accurate road lidar, XenoTrack; the long & mid-range, off-the-shelf XenoLidar and the modular series X-Module; as well as  software products for data acquisition and data processing.  

The XenoTrack system complemented with gnss/imu, HD camera, is a highly accurate and flexible 6D road lidar system, collects and processes a wide range of data to enable applications like digitizing (digital twins) the road, IRI and rutting analysis, lateral profiles, etc... Ideal for paving, surveying, and pro-active suspension applications. Since 2020, XenomatiX also offers services like road data collection and 6D road scanning.  

XenoLidar, mostly serving the automotive and autonomous market, analyses the vehicle’s surroundings. Its lightweight and small design makes it ideal for seamless integration in any vehicle or robot.Applications include 4D-AI object detection and free space detection, enabling ADAS to fully autonomous driving. 


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