Teledyne Geospatial

  • Booth: 517

Join Teledyne Geospatial at booth #721 for a first-hand look at the single-source mapping solutions and workflows available!  In addition to smart-scanning, 2 million points per second Galaxy T2000 and density-doubling G2 Sensor System, find out more about Teledyne Geospatial’ s new and exciting efficiencies in airborne mapping workflows making the Galaxy line-up unmatched in productivity and ease of use. 

Learn about the new Optech CLS-A, a new survey-grade UAV laser scanning payload. The CLS-A enables the highest quality surveying and inspection applications where the tight integration of a powerful, narrow beam divergence laser, high accuracy kinematic IMU, calibrated camera and powerful post-processing software that supports wide area operation at the maximum operating altitude of UAVs.

Teledyne Geospatial is joined this year by Teledyne FLIR who will showcase powerful camera systems including the newly launched Ladybug6® delivering the highest quality and spatial accuracy in 360-degree spherical imaging.


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