Skyfront Corp.

Redwood City,  CA 
United States
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The Skyfront Perimeter 8+ has the longest endurance of any drone on the market. It flies for hours and carries large payloads in a wide range of operating conditions.

Drone LiDAR sensors are heavy and are often paired with multiple cameras. Complete units can weigh up to 7 kg. For battery-powered drones, the heavy weight reduces flight time to less than 15 minutes. The reduced flight time results in multiple flights, which increases the amount of time in the field.

The Skyfront Perimeter 8 and 8+ hybrid drones can carry up to 10 kg (22 lb.) for up to one hour and 5 kg (11 lb.) for 2-3 hours. The combination of heavy-lift and high-endurance reduces field time from days to hours.

  • Heavy-Lift Capacity. The Perimeter 8 can carry up to 10 kg of payload.
  • Long Endurance. The most popular LiDAR sensors (VUX, Velodyne, Hesai) can be flown for over 2 hours.
  • High-Altitude Capability. The Perimeter 8+ is capable of carrying 4 kg in excess of 10,000 density altitude, far above where other hybrid drones would simply stop working.


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