Skyline Software Systems, Inc.

Herndon,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 923

Skyline Software Systems, Inc. is the leading 3D earth visualization software provider and services for creating and disseminating customized, interactive, photorealistic 3D environments.

Skyline’s core product offering, SkylineGlobe, is a web-enabled, interactive 3D globe that supports macro-earth-level views down to photorealistic street-level urbanscapes and underground views. As a data fusion platform, SkylineGlobe enables enterprise users to aggregate information into a single, easy-to-understand 3D view. Real-time data fusion capabilities enable the integration of “live” data feeds. SkylineGlobe’s architecture incorporates a robust API/SDK that enables the creation of customized user interfaces and tools.

Skyline’s new PhotoMesh allows the rapid and intuitive generation of complete photo-textured and geo-spatially enabled 3D mesh models from sets of unordered 2D images. The PhotoMesh automated 3D modeling process makes highly detailed 3D urban data much more obtainable and affordable.


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