Jena,  Thuringia 
  • Booth: 408

SOMAG AG Jena is a worldwide operating specialist for high-precision gimbal systems. The company, consisting of hand-picked experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics and software, focuses since 2004 on the development of Gyro Stabilization Mounts for data acquisition and surveillance applications. The gimbal specialist works as an OEM partner of well-known camera and lidar manufacturers but has always maintained its status as an independent supplier in the market. SOMAG clients include commercial, governmental and defense organizations as well as research institutions.

At our booth, we will be showcasing our stabilization technology. Gyro Stabilization Mounts add a significant advantage to lidar data acquisition projects such as:

  • Compensation of random vehicle motions which ensures an even point density across the entire data set
  • Very homogeneous point distribution for LiDAR systems even at very high scan rates (e. g. 300 kHz)
  • Regularly sampled and aligned data collection
  • Improved collection efficiency (coverage)
  • Predictable point distribution (pitch variability in x-axis)

Visit us at our booth to learn more. We look forward to seeing you!


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