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September 16-18 2021 | Miami Beach, FL

General Information & Guidelines

Alcohol Regulations Centerplate is the licensed alcohol holder for the Miami Beach Convention Center. Any alcohol that you plan to serve from your booth MUST be purchased from Centerplate. Exhibitors who purchase a bar package, keg or orders, may have to hire a bartender from Centerplate which can be noted on the order form. Refer to the Order Services section of the Exhibitor Manual for more information. 
Booth Design Regulations

Booth regulations vary depending on your booth type (peninsula, island, perimeter, in-line).  Exhibit display regulations and diagrams can be found in Booth Design Regulations.

All exhibiting companies MUST submit the Booth Approval From no later than August 27, 2021.

Booth Vacuuming & Trash Removal Booth cleaning & trash removal/porter service must be ordered through Freeman. Refer to Order Services section of this Exhibitor Resource Center for more information.
Carpet / Floor Covering The International Floriculture Expo provides gray carpeting in all booths. Standard floor covering is required, however if you would like additional padding or a different color carpet, you may bring your own or rent carpet from Freeman for an additional charge.
Children International Floriculture Expo is a trade only event. No one under the age of 18 (including infants and children in strollers) will be admitted to the event. There will be NO exceptions!
Dismantling Exhibitors are not allowed to begin dismantling their exhibits, in part or whole, before the close of the show on Saturday, September 18th at 3:00PM.
Exhibitor Display Walls All back walls and sidewalls must be finished or draped. No loose wire or any obstruction may be seen or Event Management, at the exhibitor’s expense, will drape them.  See-through back walls or displays that do not cover the back wall entirely will not suffice. The backside of walls (the common border facing a neighboring booth) must be devoid of copy, logos or other graphics.
Event Management Office Diversified Communications will maintain an office on-site where Event Management may be reached during the event.
Enclosed Ceilings & Multiple Levels Exhibits with enclosed areas or ceilings and/or those with multiple story exhibits are subject to additional fire and safety regulations and may require obtaining a structural permit. Refer to the convention center’s MBCC Fire And Safety Regulations document for additional details and how to submit your booth’s details for Fire Marshall review. 
Fire Retardant Treatment Make sure to use materials that are properly treated for fire retardation. This includes, but is not limited to drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet or any materials used in exhibits like hay, straw moss, split bamboo, pine and wood chips. Untreated Christmas trees, cut evergreens or similar trees, untreated mulch, hay, straw, bamboo and Spanish moss is prohibited. Live plants do not require flame retardant treatment but should be potted and kept moist. Refer to the convention center’s MBCC Fire and Safety Regulations for additional details.
Floral Prep Area All flower cutting, watering and prep work must be done at the exhibitor’s booth or at the Floral Prep Areas provided throughout the show floor.  Equipment and supplies for cutting, trimming, watering and preserving flowers will be available.  Additional locations for water and disposal of water only are located in the exhibit hall.  Restrooms may NOT be used for floral prep, watering or dumping of water.  Floral buckets will not be provided.
Food & Beverage Sampling Please see MBCC Food Guidelines.
Give-Aways & Lotteries Exhibitors may sponsor raffles, giveaways, and lotteries within the area defined as their booth space.  For specific information and details, contact Ken Krogsrud at kparnow@divcom.com.
Helium Balloons / Adhesive Materials Other Materials & Popcorn
The Miami Beach Convention Center has a Balloon Policy that prohibits the use of helium filled balloons, either for displays, exhibits or general public access areas. To address this issue, Event Management has worked directly with the facility to obtain special permission to allow exhibitors at the International Floriculture Expo to display helium balloons and mylar balloons, provided they abide by the conditions set forth below.
Balloon exhibitors will be allowed to display their product and have helium/mylar balloons in the exhibit halls as long as the following conditions are met: 
1. Balloons remain securely fixed to their displays
2. Balloons are not used as giveaways under any circumstance
NOTE: Event Management will pass on any charges incurred should the Miami Beach Convention Center have to clean-up after or repair any damage to air conditioning or other ceiling units caused by fly-away balloons.
Adhesive materials such as stickers, tape, or bumper stickers may not be used within your exhibit, nor may they be distributed. The use of glitter and small shred confetti is NOT permitted in the Miami Beach Convention Center. In addition, decorations must not be affixed to any surfaces in the building, nor may holes be drilled or punched into any building surface. Any costs incurred by Event Management for the removal of these items or to repair damage will be charged to the exhibiting company.      
Hellium Tanks
Helium tanks will be allowed under the following conditions:
1. You MUST complete the Booth Approval From.
2. Helium tanks must be securely affixed in a sleeve to the booth structure where they can’t topple over
3. Tanks need to be removed from the facility prior to the opening of the event.

Liability Insurance

(Revised Provision For 2021!) 

Exhibitors are encouraged to carry their own general liability insurance as well as any additional property or theft insurance they deem appropriate but are no longer required to provide to Event Management evidence of that insurance or name Diversified Communications as an additional insured on the exhibitor’s policy. Event Management has implemented a new program that provides liability coverage for all participating exhibitors. This replaces the previous requirement for individual certificates of insurance. The coverage provided does not protect exhibitor’s personal property from theft or damage and the responsibility for such items remains exclusively with exhibitors, who are advised to secure their valuables at all times.
Maintaining Professionalism Event Management reserves the right to prohibit or remove any exhibit which, in its sole discretion, detracts from the general character of the exhibition as a whole or consists of products or services inconsistent with the purpose of the exhibition. The right to prohibit includes persons (dressed in a sexually suggestive or offensive manner), things, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character which the organizers, in their sole discretion, determine objectionable. In the event of such prohibition or removal, the organizers shall not be liable for any damages, including refunds or other exhibit expenses.
Music, Photographs And Other Copyrighted Material Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use recorded music, photographs, and other copyrighted material in exhibitor’s booth or display. No exhibitor will be permitted to play, broadcast, or have performed any recorded music or use any other copyrighted material, such as photographs or other artistic works, without first presenting proof satisfactory to Event Producer that the exhibitor has, or does not need, a license to use such recorded music or copyrighted material. Event Producer reserves the right to remove or prohibit from the exhibit hall all or any part of any booth or display which incorporates recorded music, photographs, or other copyrighted material and for which the exhibitor fails to produce proof that the exhibitor holds all required licenses. The exhibitor shall remain liable for and shall indemnify, defend, and hold Event Producer, its directors, officers, agents, and employees harmless from all loss, costs, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, liability, expenses, and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from or out of any violation or infringement (or claimed violation or infringement) by exhibitor, exhibitor’s agents, or employees of any patent, copyright, or trade secret rights or privileges.
Off-Site Events No private group functions may be scheduled during the International Floriculture Expo event times. This includes, but is not limited to, hospitality suites, private parties, receptions, golf outings, luncheons, or other food functions.  This policy is specified in your Exhibitor Application and Agreement and will be enforced. Exhibitors are encouraged to offer functions in their hotel suites outside of show hours. Contact onPeak, the official housing partner for the International Floriculture Expo, to make arrangements (Telephone: 800-803-5804; International: 001-312-527-7300; or Email: floriexpo@onpeakevents.com). The use of suites by non-exhibiting companies is prohibited.
Operating Your Exhibit & Sound Limitation

All activities must be contained within the exhibit area described in your application for exhibit space. No selling or promoting will be allowed in the aisles, other exhibitor booths, entrance/exits, or other public areas. Promotion of other events is strictly prohibited.

Attendees viewing video monitors must be within your exhibit space, not crowded in the aisles. Music may not exceed background audio level. All speakers must be facing into the exhibitor’s booth and not away from the booth. Loudspeakers and carnival tactics will not be allowed. Please be a considerate neighbor. Event Management reserves the right to shut down any receptions, presentations, or other activities which are deemed obstructive or prohibitive for neighboring booths to be able to conduct business

Photography/ Video Equipment Photography & videography of your booth is permitted, however if you wish to take photographs of other exhibitor’s booths or displays, you must secure permission from the exhibitor first.
Refrigerated Storage

Refrigerated storage for perishable commodities will be available to exhibitors who wish to have the ability to retrieve their product/ merchandise on a regular basis. To guarantee this service place your order for Refrigerated Storage in advance by Wednesday, August 18. Orders received on-site will be handled an availability basis.

PLEASE NOTE:  Use the Refrigerated Shipping Label and remember that refrigerated storage cannot deliver before Wednesday, September 15. Shipments arriving at show site WILL NOT be placed in refrigerated storage without an order on file.All refrigerated storage shipments that will not be shipped out will receive a 50% material handling discount. Please see Freeman material handling for pricing

Perimeter security service will be maintained in the exposition area from the initial move-in period until the last piece of freight is removed. However, exhibitors are reminded that they are responsible for the protection of their own product and exhibit materials. All persons in the exhibit area must wear a badge at all times, including during move-in, event hours, and move-out. Exhibitors are responsible for ordering badges for their workers and staff.  
Show Colors The International Floriculture Expo exhibit spaces will be decorated with WHITE back and side drape.  Changes in drape patterns or colors are not allowed without consent from Event Management. The exhibit area/booths and exhibit hall aisles will be covered in GRAY carpeting.
Smoking The Miami Beach Convention Center is a non-smoking facility which includes vaping & electronic cigarettes. 
Solicitation by Non-Exhibiting Companies For the protection of all International Floriculture Expo exhibitors, only those companies whose Application for Exhibit Space has been approved by Event Management will be allowed to present and sell their products.  If a representative from a non-exhibiting company is seen soliciting business on the show floor, please request a business card from that person and give it to a Event Management representative. We will take the necessary steps to curtail this activity.
Tax Information
 Exhibitors are required to pay 7% Florida State Tax on goods sold at Miami Beach Convention Center. Neither the show organizer nor Miami Beach Convention Center are responsible for collecting the sales tax. Further information can be obtained by writing to or calling:
Taxpayer Services - MS 3-2000 , Florida Department of Revenue 
5050 W Tennessee St., Tallahassee FL 32399-0112 (P: 850-488-6800)
USDA WOOD The US Department of Agriculture’s rules pertaining to wood materials (crates, wood pallets, etc.) entering the United  States require wood products to be either heat treated, or fumigated with methyl bromide to ensure wood insects aren’t imported in packaging materials. Inspectors will be able to demand that freight be reshipped if contents cannot easily be separated from wood crates and pallets (at exhibitor expense). Full compliance will be strictly enforced. Exhibitors who are unaware of these changes could risk having their freight miss the show. For more information visit: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/import_export/plants/plant_imports/index.shtml 
Wireless Internet Wireless internet is available throughout the show floor. If you are streaming a video or presentation from the internet and uninterrupted bandwidth is vital, we recommend purchasing a dedicated internet drop for your stand. While Wi-Fi is provided at no cost for all exhibitors and attendees, bandwidth congestion can occur on-site during peak hours and we will always recommend purchasing a hardwire drop if necessary. 

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