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September 16-18 2021 | Miami Beach, FL


United States
  • Booth: 148

Groflowers is a farm-based Miami importer from Colombia and Ecuador, with a specialty in garden roses and Hydrangeas. At Groflowers we ensure that our flowers will arrive at the proper time in the proper quantity and always top quality. As a matter of fact, due to our high-quality flowers our farm was recognized as the best Colombia grower at the XV Proflora Trade Fair in Bogotá, Colombia in 2019. At the Society of American Flowers quality competition in 2019 our hydrangeas were recognized as Best in Class for two times in the last 10 years, among other awards. For these reasons, we guarantee the right amount and the right varieties every time!


Please feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@divcom.com, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!