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RatedPower is on a mission to digitalize the renewable energy industry and maximize clean energy’s potential through cloud-based solutions.


RatedPower’s software, pvDesign, is the standard cloud-based software for designing and engineering utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) plants. Helping development, EPC and solar engineering firms to reduce LCOE by maximising energy production and reducing construction costs.


Developer teams use pvDesign to prospect plots of land faster and try out different plant configurations in order to find the best investment opportunities quicker than ever. Teams at EPC companies use pvDesign to cast winning quotes to their offtakers, minimizing PV projects costs.


It reduces 85% of the time solar professionals spent designing PV plants from 4-6 weeks to under 2 minutes. The software has reportedly reduced by 5% the LCOE of solar plants designed with it, which translates to a 20% higher solar plant profitability. It has optimised 2,000 GW in more than 150 countries.


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