General Information & Event Regulations

Board of Health Regulations- Sample Sizes If you are the manufacturer, processor or distributor of a food or beverage product, you may serve sample portions of your product.  Beverage samples are limited to sample sizes of 2 ounces for alcohol beverages and 4 ounces for non-alcoholic beverages.
Booth Cleaning/ Porter Service
Booth cleaning & trash removal/porter service must be ordered separately through Freeman. Please reference the Order Services section.
Booth Design Regulations Booth regulations vary depending on the booth type (peninsula, island, in-line, tabletop).  Exhibit display regulations and diagrams are included in this section of the manual.  Additionally, you have received (or will receive) guidelines specific to your booth type with your confirmation letter.  All exhibiting companies in an Island or Peninsula booth MUST obtain written approval for their booth designs by submitting a Booth Approval Form along with drawing(s). 
Booth Staff Training Potential customers are only a few feet away in the aisle; however, they will not come to you without encouragement.  Train your exhibit personnel to seek out those who appear to be interested in your product.  A successful sales staff takes the initiative and uses creativity to meet the individual customer’s needs.  Your trade show investment will be a success if your exhibit personnel are motivated and enthusiastic.
Children No one under the age of 18, including infants and toddlers, will be allowed into the exhibit hall at any time.  This includes during move-in, show days and move-out.  There will be NO exceptions.  Child care is NOT available at Kosherfest, please make accommodations before arrival.
Cooking & Facility Regulations
The use of Liquefied petroleum gases inside the building is strictly prohibited.
All drapes, curtains, table coverings and skirts, carpet or any other material used in exhibits must be flame retardant. All such material is subject to inspection by the Fire Marshall.
Firefighting and emergency equipment may not be hidden or obstructed, including fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets, fire alarm pull stations and stand pipes.
Automotive displays are to have no more than ¼ tank of gas, the battery cable must be disconnected, and the gas cap must be taped or locked closed. The key must remain in the booth or with the facility management at all times.
All electrical equipment must be UL approved and all gasoline engines must be AGA approved
The use of welding equipment, open flames or smoke emitting materials as part of an exhibit must be specifically approved on a individual basis by MEC and the Secaucus Fire Marshall. Written specifications may be submitted to the Event Coordinator of the facility to request Fire Marshalls approval.
Custom Booths Exhibitry must arrive prefinished and ready to be assembled.  No painting or additional carpentry will be allowed inside the halls.  At the close of the show, all exhibitry must be removed from the halls at the expense of the exhibitor.
Dismantling Exhibitors are not allowed to begin dismantling their exhibits, in part or whole before the close of the show on Wednesday, November 9th at 4:00pm.
Donating Excess/Lefover Food Items Kosherfest is proud to work with Met Council on Jewish Poverty, the largest Jewish communal safety net in America, as its official charity partner for over 10 years. All excess food items displayed at Kosherfest will be collected by Met Council staff and volunteers at the conclusion of the show and will be distributed to more than 30 kosher pantries across New York City. For more information about Met Council and how you can help ensure that hundreds of thousands get the kosher food they need, click here. 
Double-Decker/Two-Story Exhibits Exhibitors wishing to erect multiple story exhibits must contact Joel Hatfield with Event Management 207-842-5650 or
Drones Operable drones are not permitted to be used under any circumstances.
Exhibit Display Walls All back walls and side walls must be finished or draped, no loose wire or any obstruction may be seen or Event Management, at the exhibitor’s expense, will drape them.  See-through back walls or displays that do not cover the back wall entirely will not suffice.
The backside of walls – the common border facing a neighboring booth-must be devoid of copy, logos or other graphics, so as not to be an eyesore to neighboring exhibitors.
Exhibit Design Carefully design your exhibit display to attract buyers.  Use colors that compliment show drapery and carpets.  Well-designed graphics and display items will attract visitors initially; however, your exhibit personnel must keep their attention to make the sale. Please refer to the Display Regulations regarding booth designs.
Exhibit Move-In The move-in schedule is included in the Event Schedule. Additional information including specific instruction for privately owned vehicles (POV’s), common carriers, and labor rules are included in the Shipping & Onsite Logistics section.
Exhibitor Sales Office Please use this area to view the floor plan for the following year, or talk to a salesperson about booth space.
Floor Covering Carpeting or other suitable floor covering is required in all booths. Kosherfest exhibitors are provided black carpeting with their booth package, or they may rent other carpeting from Freeman should they want. The deadline for advance order discount rates through Freeman is Monday, October 10, 2022.
Give-Aways & Lotteries Exhibitors may sponsor raffles, giveaways, and lotteries within the area defined as their booth space as long as they are free and open to everyone. As a reminder, all food & beverage items must be purchased through the official caterer including giveaway prize food & beverage items.
Hand Carry Through Lobby Detailed information outlining the hand carried freight policy can be found in the Shipping & Onsite Logistics section.
Helium Balloons, Adhesive Materials & Other Materials Event Management does not allow helium balloons or adhesive materials such as stickers, tape or bumper stickers to be used within your exhibit nor may they be distributed.  In addition, decorations must not be affixed to any surfaces in the building.
Use of confetti or glitter is not permitted in the Meadowlands Exposition Center. No painting of signs, display or objects is permitted in the Meadowlands Exposition Center.
Altering any building component is prohibited.  No holes may be drilled, cored or punched into the building.
Any costs incurred by Event Management for removal or repair of these items will be charged to the exhibiting company.
Hospitality Suites Exhibitors are encouraged to offer functions in their hotel suites OUTSIDE of show hours. Contact onPeak to make arrangements Tel: 800-803-5804; International: 001-312-527-7300; Email: use of suites by non-exhibiting companies is prohibited.
Kosherfest Certification Event Management will be collecting information on which organization each exhibitor is certified with through the exhibitor console. Certifying organizations will be onsite for any kosher related questions. Kosherfest is an A.K.O. Certified Event.
Labor Rules The Meadowlands Exposition Center outlines labor that exhibitors must follow.  Please read and be familiar with the guidelines outlines in the Shipping & Onsite Logistics section regarding the MEC work rules.
Liability Insurance Exhibitors are encouraged to carry their own general liability insurance as well as any additional property or theft insurance they deem appropriate but are no longer required to provide to Event Management evidence of that insurance or name Diversified Communications as an additional insured on the exhibitor’s policy. As has always been the case, exhibitors remain exclusively responsible for theft or damage to their personal property and are advised to secure their valuables at all times.
Loading Docks, Material Handling & Shipping Exhibitors should pay particular attention to information and rates contained in this manual regarding material handling (drayage), shipping and loading dock access. This information will help you ensure a smooth and more cost effective move-in to the Meadowlands Exposition Center.  All of this information is outlined within the Shipping & Onsite Logistics section.
Motor Vehicles Automotive displays are to have no more than ¼ tank of gas and battery cable must be disconnected and the gas cap must be taped or locked closed.  The key must remain in the booth or with Event Management at all times.
Maintaining Professionalism Event Management reserves the right to prohibit or remove any exhibit which in its sole discretion, detracts from the general character of the exhibition as a whole or consists of products or services inconsistent with the purpose of the exhibition.  The right to prohibit includes persons (dressed in a sexually suggestive or offensive manner), things, conduct, printed matter or anything of a character which the organizers, in their sole discretion, determine objectionable.  In the event of such prohibition or removal, the organizers shall not be liable for any damages, including refunds or other exhibit expenses.
Music, Photographs And Other Copyrighted Material Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use recorded music, photographs and other copyright material in exhibitor’s booth or displays.  No exhibitor will be permitted to play, broadcast or have performed any recorded music or use any other copyright material such as photographs or other artistic works without first presenting proof satisfactory to Event Management that the exhibitor has or does not need a license to use such recorded music or copyright material.  Event Management reserves the right to remove or prohibit from the exhibit hall all or any part of any booth display which incorporates recorded music, photographs or other copyright material for which the exhibitor fails to produce proof that the exhibitor holds all required licenses.  The exhibitor shall remain liable for and shall indemnify, defend and hold Event Management, its directors, officers, agents and employees harmless from all loss, costs, claims, causes of action, suites, damages, liability, expenses and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising from or out of any violation or infringement (or claimed violation or infringement) by exhibitor, exhibitor’s agents or employees of any patent, copyright or trade secret rights or privileges.
New Jersey Tax Information


Exhibitors must complete a Business Registration (Form NJ-REG) at least 15 days prior to starting business within the state of New Jersey. There is no fee.

For further information contact:

NJ Division of Taxation Client Registration
P.O. Box 252
Trenton, NJ 08646-0252
Tel: 609-292-9292

Operating your Exhibit and Sound Limitation All activities must be contained within the exhibit area described in your application for exhibit space. No selling or promoting will be allowed in the aisles, other exhibitor booths, entrance/exits, or other public areas. Promotion of other events is strictly prohibited.
Attendees viewing video monitors must be within your exhibit space, not crowded in the aisles.
Music may not exceed background audio level. All speakers must be facing into the exhibitor’s booth and not away from the booth. Loudspeakers and carnival tactics will not be allowed. Please be a considerate neighbor. Event Management reserves the right to shut down any receptions, presentations, or other activities which are deemed obstructive or prohibitive for neighboring booths to be able to conduct business.
Paging in the Exhibit Hall We are unable to page anyone in the exhibit hall.  Please provide your coworkers and family members with hotel information, phone and/or pager numbers where you may be reached while at the show.
Perishable Product Storage There will be ample refrigerator and freezer storage space for all perishable products.  You do not need to order storage space, it will be provided as needed, at no charge.  If you are shipping your perishables, be sure to use the refrigerated and/or frozen labels that are provided in the Shipping & Onsite Logistics section. Include your booth number on the shipping label to ensure that those cartons are placed in the appropriate reefer units.  If you will be carrying perishables to the show in a privately owned vehicle, simply bring perishables to the reefer area and someone will show you where to store them. All perishables that are not labeled will automatically be placed in the freezer units. (NOTE: Although the storage space is free, exhibitors that use Freeman/Union Labor to load or unload their product from the units will have to order and pay for the union labor.)
Photography/ Video Equipment Photography and/or video recording anywhere within the exhibit hall are strictly prohibited without the express written permission and supervision of Event Management.  Photography and/or video recording of the exhibitor’s own booth may be permitted with prior approval from Event Management.
Sample Removal Policy
Event Management has instituted a sampling policy for Kosherfest in order to maintain a professional environment and address Department of Health regulations for food safety. Event Management asks for your assistance in this matter.
Please alert all booth staff including sales representatives of this policy.
No food samples should be given to contracted labor in the form of tips.
1. Kosherfest is a business-to-business event and as a trade event we must ask that sampling be limited to business. No excessive product sampling will be allowed. To make it easier for sponsors to provide products to interested buyers, Event Management has instituted a 1-Bag Per Person Per Day policy on sampling. Simply put, each attendee may carry only one bag of product samples from the show floor per day of the event
2. Exhibitors are permitted to remove product from the Exhibit Hall by showing a picture ID, such as a Driver’s License, accompanied by their Exhibitor Badge.
3. Wheeled carts are not permitted on the show floor during official event hours.
Security 24 hour security service will be maintained in the exposition area from the initial move-in period until the last piece of freight is removed.  However, exhibitors are reminded that they are responsible for the protection of their own product and exhibit materials.
Service Costs Order all services by the published advanced deadline to insure timely installation or delivery on-site. Reference the Important Exhibitor Tasks list.
Shipping your Exhibit Materials
You have two options:
1) Ship to the local Freeman warehouse in Maspeth, NY, where they will store your materials for up to 30 days prior to the show (60 days for International and Canadian exhibitors.)
2) Send your shipment directly to the Meadowlands Exposition Center to arrive during exhibitor move-in hours.
Rates and deadlines for both options as well as information on shipping companies and customs clearance are included in the Shipping & Onsite Logistics section.
Show Colors Kosherfest exhibits feature gray back and sidewall drapes. Both booth and aisle carpeting will be Chili Pepper (black and red flecks).  Changes in drape patterns and color are not allowed.
Show Management Office Diversified Communications will maintain a show office where Event Management may be reached from move-in, throughout the show and during move-out. 
Smoking The Meadowlands Exposition Center is a non-smoking facility.
Solicitation by Non- Exhibiting Companies For the protection of all exhibitors, only those companies whose Application for Exhibit Space have been approved by Event Management will be allowed to present and sell their products.  If a representative from a non-exhibiting company is seen soliciting business on the show floor, please request a business card from the person and give it to an Event Management representative.  We will take the necessary steps to curtail this activity.
Temporary Board of Health Event Applications Important! All booths at Kosherfest are required to apply for a Secaucus Board of Health Temporary Event Application if they are sampling food. There will be a Board of Health inspector at the event checking all permits for every stand sampling food. 
Trade Fair Act of 1959



Diversified Communications has made arrangements for this event to be certified under the Trade Fair Act of 1959. This will enable exhibitors to import merchandise for the show, without having to pay duty. Under the "Trade Fair" entry procedure exhibitors do not have to make a final decision regarding whether to pay Customs duty on their merchandise until after the show. Exhibitors then have up to three months to re-export the merchandise or re-classify it under a different customs entry category: consumption (duty paid); warehousing; destruction, etc. All merchandise entered under the Trade Fair arrangements must remain under the control of U. S. Customs until its final disposition is decided. In addition, merchandise cannot be released from Customs custody until all provisions of Customs laws have been met and any applicable duties and taxes paid.

Trade Show Memorability Customers remember your exhibit for approximately 12 – 14 weeks after a trade show.  Plan your post show mailing or sales agenda before you leave for the show and begin implementing your program within two weeks of your return from the show.
Wi-Fi Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available throughout the show floor. If you are streaming a video or presentation from the internet and uninterrupted bandwidth is vital, we recommend purchasing a dedicated internet drop for your stand. Refer to the Order Services section to place an order.

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