Bowery Farming

New York,  NY 
United States
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Bowery Farming's vision: Wherever food is needed, Bowery can grow it. Our warehouse-sized indoor vertical smart farms grow local, pesticide-free, protected produce year-round.

Our core pillars: rapid commercial scalability, thoughtful farm design, proprietary software, brand & category creation, robust product portfolio, & cutting-edge innovation. Harvested, packed and shipped at peak freshness, our flavor & texture are at its finest. Our farms use less land and water than traditional farms.

Bowery offerings: packaged baby greens and herbs clamshells. Our food service offerings are 3LB pillow packs of Romaine, Baby Butter Lettuce, Crispy Leaf and Spring Mix.

We leverage precise inputs and culinary expertise to drive product development & portfolio mix. Focuses include:

· Select seeds to deliver on certain taste profiles

· Optimize for appearance, color, taste, texture, and aroma

· Iterate and innovate to bring new and exciting flavors to consumers

· In-house team of sensory experts continuously test for quality of flavor

Bowery’s farms are located in Nottingham, MD & Bethlehem, PA. TX & GA come online in 2023. Additional farms to follow across the US.

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