Contact Information & Official Vendors

Following is a list of the specific person (or dept) that you should contact for assistance with various services and questions. Contacting this person (or dept) directly will put you in contact with a representative that is most qualified to help you with each service, thus saving you time and frustration.

Please note the below companies are the recommended official vendors of KosherFest. If solicited by a company not associated with the event, please beware and contact Customer Service at

Kosherfest Event Management Team

General Information
Exhibitor Resource Center
Move-in / Move-Out Schedule
Shipping Instructions
Company Listings

Customer Service Team
207.842.5508 / 207.842.5505 

Rules & Regulations
Booth Approvals
Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

Joel Hatfield, Operations Coordinator

Register for Exhibitor Badges 
Customer Invitations

Registration Team

Exhibit Sales

Sales Team

New Product Competition

Jessica Eames | 207.842.5676

Hotel Reservations

Official Housing Partner
1.800.803.5804 / 312.329.9513 | 
Int’l: 1.312.527.7300

Decorations,  Furnishings & Services

Freeman® | Trade Show, Exhibit, and Event Company

Upgrade Packages
Custom Design Options
Furniture and Accessories
Material Handling
Cleaning / Porter Service

Exhibitor Questions
Phone: 888.508.5054 - (Includes a call back option after 1 minute of holding)
Text: 888.508.5054
Live Chat: Click here
For exhibitor questions, Freeman will be able to provide better support by talking to exhibitors through the channels listed above.

Submitting Orders
Please note this email address is for submitting orders ONLY. Forms will be processed and exhibitors will receive email confirmation within 3 business days. 

Custom Exhibit Design
Exhibit options beyond what is offered on Freeman Online


International Exhibitors

International exhibitors can use this email address when necessary if the channels of communication listed above are not effective given time zone differences.


Freeman® | Trade Show, Exhibit, and Event Company

Freeman Transportation

T: 800.995.3579
Fax: 469.621.5810

Customs Clearance

Freeman® | Trade Show, Exhibit, and Event Company

Customs Clearance
T: 817.607.5183
Fax: 469.621.5810

Utilities & Services
Meadowlands Exposition Center

Fire Extinguisher
201.330.7773 x0
Fax: 201.330.1172

Audio Visual Services
KVL Audio Visual – Whatever your audio visual needs, KVL has the solution.
T: 914.479.3335

Catering Service

Catering | In Thyme | New Jersey & New York
T: 201.666.3353

Internet & Telephone
T: 732.486.3222 x402 

Refrigeration & Freezer Equipment

Lowe Refrigeration, Inc. 
Refrigeration Display Equipment
T: 770.461.9001
Lead Retrieval

Convention Data Services | Connecting People. Driving Events.

Convention Data Services
T: 800.746.9734 
Temporary Event Health Permits

Secaucus Board of Health
Christine Aguilera
T: 201.330.2031
Leftover Product Donation
Met Council Information

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Please feel free to e-mail us at, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!