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25-27 April 2023 | Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue | Barcelona, Spain
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Category: Fin Fish (Salmon-Atlantic)

Exhibitor List

Blumar 5J601 Upgraded
The Fish Sanctuary SRL 5M306 Upgraded
Golden Atlantic AS 5M602 Upgraded
Norfisk GmbH 5J503 Upgraded
North Sea Seafood AS 4E702 Upgraded
Nordian 2I102 Upgraded
ICECO fish 2F103 Upgraded
Salmon Evolution Sales 2A100 Upgraded
Sudmaris Chile & Salmones Austral 5J201 Upgraded
Eurofish S.A 3M601 Upgraded
Acme Smoked Fish Corp 2G301
Acuática 4A700
Ahumados Domínguez 2G701
AquaChile 3G801
Argo Seafood A/S 2F700
Arnarlax 2F401
Associated Seafoods Ltd 2F601
Australis Mar S.A. 4A601
Babord Seafood AS 2E400
Bacco Seaproducts ehf. 4H202
Bakkafrost 2H201
Blumar 5J601 Upgraded
Boulogne Seafood 3B601
Br. Karlsen Sales AS 2E500
Bravo Seafood AS 2F501
Brivais Vilnis GA301
Carr & Sons 2G701
Cermaq Norway AS 2E201
Coast Seafood AS 2E501
Cornic-Novamer 3D601
Cultivos Yadran 4A501
Dalian Huayang Seafoods Co., Ltd. 3K201
D'Elite D'ELITE sl 2I501
Direct Ocean 2J601
Dunn's of Dublin 2G701
Ekko Fisk A/S 2F700
Eurofish S.A 3M601 Upgraded
Fjord Import 3F701
Fram Seafood AS 2E401
Froya Salmon AS 2E401
Global Seafood Alliance 5D201
Golden Atlantic AS 5M602 Upgraded
Gourmet House Caviar 2K603
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador 3A601
Granja Marina Tornagaleones S.A. 4A501
Great Australian Seafood 4D201
Grieg Seafood ASA 2F701
Het Urker Zalmhuys BV 2J700
Hofseth International AS 2A501
ICECO fish 2F103 Upgraded
Iceland Seafood International 2G701
Ideal Foods Ltd 2D100
Integra Chile SpA 4A501
International Fish Canners 2F601
Invermar S.A. 3M901
ISPG Ltd 3D401
John Ross Jr (Aberdeen) Ltd 2F601
Karavela GA301
Keohane Seafood Ltd. 3D201
Leroy Seafood Group ASA 2G601
Loch Duart Salmon 2F601
M.V. Wool 2J401
Marinet Co,.Ltd. 4H401
Milarex 2E501
Mowi ASA 3B401
Mowi Belgium 3B401
Mowi Consumer Products UK 3B401
Mowi France SAS 3B401
Mowi Germany GmbH 3B401
Mowi Iberia 3B401
Mowi Markets Norway AS 3B401
Mowi Poland SA 3B401
Multi X 3I401
Neerlandia Urk B.V. 3G401
New Brunswick - Deliciously Canadian 3A601
Nolan Seafoods Ltd 2F601
Nor Seafoods AS 5F600
Nordian 2I102 Upgraded
Nordlaks Sales AS 5G501
Norfisk GmbH 5J503 Upgraded
Norlax A/S 2G301
Norsk Sjømat AS 2F401
North Sea Seafood AS 4E702 Upgraded
Norwell AS 2F501
Novo Food 3B601
Oceanpath 2G701
Oversea Atlantic Fish S.L. 5J502
Phoenix Seafood Ltd 2G100
Polar Quality AS 5G501
Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks A/S 2G301
Premium of Iceland / Premium Sélection /Seafood Link 3B601
Productos del Mar Ventisqueros S.A. 4A601
Pure Norwegian Seafood AS 2E500
Qingdao Gain Seafood Co., Ltd 4F601
Royal Nordic Ltd GA301
SALMA - Salmon Brands AS 2F200
Salmar AS 2E401
Salmon Evolution Sales 2A100 Upgraded
Salmon Scotland 2F601
Samherji HF 4D401
Scottish Development International 2F601, 2E601
Scottish Quality Salmon Label Rouge 2F601
Scottish Sea Farms 2F601
Sea Garden S.A. 4A601
Seaborn A/S 2E501
Seafood Sales ApS 2G301
Seafood Scotland 2E601
Seawell Hirtshals A/S 2F700
Sekkingstad AS 2E501
Simo Fishprocessing GmbH & Co. KG 2E300
Sirion Seafood ApS 3E201
Sjor AS 2F200
Skaar Japan K.K. 2F501
Skaar Norway AS 2F501
Sotra Fiskeindustri AS 2E501
St. James Smokehouse Scotland Ltd 2F601
Star Seafood AS 2E400
Sudmaris Chile & Salmones Austral 5J201 Upgraded
Suempol Sp. z o.o. 5J503
The Fish Sanctuary SRL 5M306 Upgraded
Ubago Group Mare S.L. 4D601
Unda Ltd GA301
Urk Export BV 3F401
Valofish 3B601
Varde Laks A/S 2B102
Vega Salmon A/S 2F700
Vensy España S.A. 4G300
VG Italy SRL 3A401
Vikenco AS 2F401
Villa Seafood AS 2F501
Visscher Seafood 2H701
Wechsler Feinfisch GmbH 5I201
Wester Ross Fisheries Ltd. 2F601
Wim Food A/S 2F700


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