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March 13-15, 2022 / Boston, USA

Fuentes El atun rojo  

Cartagena, Murcia, 
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The Fuentes trademark belongs to the company Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos S.A. (Ricardo Fuentes Group), a family business with a track record of over 50 years in the bluefin tuna sector. The Fuentes trademark covers all the bluefin tuna producing companies of the Ricardo Fuentes Group.

The firm’s founder, Ricardo Fuentes, saw the potential of bluefin tuna. He was the first to commit to this product, as a pioneer in raising and marketing bluefin tuna in Europe.

Fuentes is today the world leader in bluefin tuna production, exporting some 85% of its output to countries on all 5 continents. For over 30 years our bluefin tuna have been the first choice on the most demanding market: Japan.

Today’s global dominance is the reward rewards the company’s vision of the future and the determination shown in facing each new challenge that has emerged on the horizon, and those that will emerge in the future.

Headquartered in Cartagena (Murcia – Spain), we have facilities in different countries: several bluefin tuna farms in Spain (in the province of Murcia), and in other countries: Malta and Tunisia and “Almadrabas” in Spain (Cádiz), Morocco, Italy, and Portugal.


  • Bluefine tuna Loins
    Bluefine tuna fresh and frozen at -60º...

  • The loin is the most commonly used cut of tuna. The Japanese divide the loin into Akami and Chutoro. The Akami is the part next to the dorsal fin, with an intense red colour and lower level of fat. The Chutoro is the part next to the skin, with a more pinkish colour, because of the higher level of fattiness. The loin is perfect for serving raw. As sashimi, sushi, tartar, ceviche or simply grilled or barbecued, the result is outstanding

  • Bluefine tuna Belly Loins
    Bluefin tuna Belly loins fresh and frozen -60º...

  • One of the most prized cuts of bluefin tuna is the Harakami, the lower loin and belly. This cut measures 32 cm in length, combining two of the most prized and valued parts of the tuna, combined in one single product with a host of contrasts: colour contrast between the intense red of the loin and the paler pink of the belly, contrasting flavours because of the different levels of fattiness. Lower loin with belly unquestionably offers endless culinary potential.

  • Bluefine tuna Cheek meat
    Bluefin tuna cheek meat frozen -60º...

  • Cheek meat Or “Hoho-niku” to the Japanese. Whatever term you use, this is a very special cut of tuna: the inner side of the face, located just below the fish’s eyes. It stands out for its distinctive flavour and texture and is highly sought after by those looking for new culinary experiences. It has a highly gelatinous consistency and is normally grilled, although it is also the perfect ingredient for tuna casseroles, lending its unmistakable character.

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