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March 13-15, 2022 / Boston, USA

Sapidus Farms, We Raise "Happy Oysters"  

Heathsville,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 1615

Here At Sapidus Farms, We Raise “Happy Oysters”

Each of our Happy Oysters are spawned in our Happy Hatchery, raised in our nursery, grown in our oysters cages (for their own protection), and hand selected at 3inches or better for direct distribution.  

Flavor Profile:

Our Happy Oysters are Sweet on the upfront & Salt on the back end.
Happy Oysters are most often described as “clean” “sweet” “fat” “smooth” “plump” Salinity varies from 12-18ppt

Market Sizes:

Happy Oysters : 3-3.5 inches

Happy Roasters :  4+inches


Our farm is located on the Great Wicomico River in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Our Happy Oysters experience extensive water exchanges that promote access to an ample food supply and create a deep cupped oyster 

Sapidus Farms:

Sapidus Farms Inc is an owner operated farm that has been growing and selling Happy Oysters and Roasters for over 12 years. Our knowledgable team continues to expand our market ready oyster supply every year through dedication and prudent planning, ensuring we can meet the growing demand for our oysters.

 Additional Info

How long has your company been in business?

10-20 years

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Do you have any social compliance audit/certificates?


Is your company involved in any Fishery Improvement Programs or Aquaculture Improvement Programs?


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Where is your company in the seafood supply chain?

Distributor, Farmer (Aquaculture)

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