Material Handling Tips

Keeping these material handling tips in mind when planning your exhibit may help you save time and money.

Freeman and Diversified Communications have established material handling rates for machinery delivered to show-site for the International WorkBoat Show.

Eligibility for Material Handling Rates:

1. All shipments must be accompanied with documentation stating whether material, both crated and uncrated, is machinery or exhibitory. Shipments containing both machinery and exhibitory must have separate weight tickets showing how much each weighs.

2. Any shipment containing both exhibitory AND machinery and arriving without proper documentation, will be charged at the prevailing exhibitory rate.

3. In order to be charged the machinery rate all machinery, crated and uncrated, must be delivered to show site.  Any machinery received at the warehouse will be charged at the prevailing exhibitory rate.

4. Certified weight tickets and proper documentation will be required on all loads containing machinery/equipment. Any shipments containing a mixture of exhibit material and machinery/equipment not accompanied by separate certified weight tickets will be charged at the prevailing exhibit material rates. All machinery/equipment shipments not crated or skidded or without proper lifting bars or hooks will be considered uncrated exhibit material and charged at the appropriate prevailing rate.

5. Check in early with Freeman at the marshalling yard to obtain a dock pass. The docks are serviced on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you arrive, the quicker your truck will be given a dock space.
6. If you can avoid it, do not stack your crates.
7. Clear Labeling. Follow the labeling instructions in the Shipping & On-site Logistics section. Include your company name and booth number in large, clearly visible letters. Equipment that must be set aside and claimed is charged at the special handling rate. Avoiding delivery confusion keeps your costs down.  

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