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Whether you build ships or sail them, you need solutions that put you ahead. Alfa Laval marine partners with you to secure efficient and reliable operation, compliance and productivity. In short, our marine solutions increase performance – throughout the lifetime of the vessel. Alfa Laval marine builds on a century-long commitment to lifetime vessel performance, providing solutions to key challenges vessel-wide – and peace of mind globally. 

We help ship owners and operators secure confident compliance with marine legislation, both through dedicated compliance technologies and by supporting the move to new fuels. Keeping reliability and ease of use in focus, we:

  • Increase productivity
  • Protect the engine
  • Boost energy efficiency and minimize waste
  • Contribute to higher earnings and lower lifecycle cost

Alfa Laval also has a dedicated Marine Service Network supports you with parts and expertise, wherever you are, whenever you need it. By ensuring greater uptime, availability and optimization, we help bring you peace of mind, and maximize your return on investment.


  • Alfa Laval PureBallast
    PureBallast 3 is the third generation of the leading ballast water treatment technology – and the first solution to be revised G8 ready. It offers unmatched performance in all water salinities: fresh, brackish and marine....

  • Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Compact is designed for simple, plug-and-play installation. It is fully automated and uses an enhanced form of UV treatment for the biological disinfection of ballast water. The system is delivered as a compact module, which comes ready-assembled and mounted on a skid with all necessary equipment and prefabricated pipework. 

    Type approved by IMO and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), PureBallast 3 Compact is designed for ballast water treatment in all water salinities. In low-clarity water, it provides biological disinfection performance. In IMO-regulated waters, full-flow treatment is possible where the UV transmittance is as low as 42%. and can be configured for flows of 32–300 m3 /h. 


    • Minimal system footprint
    • Simple installation as a plug-and-play skid
    • Superior performance in all water salinities
    • Excellent performance in low-clarity waters
    • Effective power management

    Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Compact Flex for tailored retrofit solutions
    The compactness and flexibility of PureBallast 3 Compact Flex simplifies a retrofit. We customize each project to meet your requirements.

  • The Eliminator Combined Cleaning Unit
    The Eliminator is an optimized lube oil treatment solution, combining full-flow automatic filter for collecting abrasive particles and disc stack centrifuge removing particles from the backflush oil before returning to sump....

  • Both components can be built into the same housing (Eliminator patented by Alfa Laval) or installed separately but operating in combination. For example:

    • Mounted directly on the engine (for high speed engines), the housing being specifically designed for the engine block, and the unit promoted with the engine by the engine manufacturer.
    • Remote mounted apart from the engine by means of flexible or rigid connexions.
    • The filter and centrifuge installed as separate components for larger installations or where the flow-rates are higher, and connected by suitable pipework

    Advantages and benefits

    • Eliminates full-flow and bypass cartridge filters, and all the costs associated with the cartridge filters: purchasing, transport, handling, stocking, administration, oil losses, disposal of used cartridges.
    • Increased engine availibility – no engine stop for filter cartridge change.
    • No filter bypass – the engine has 100% protection. In case of failure of one engine component, the remain ing engine parts are protected from any resulting contamination returning through the LO system, by the full flow filter.
  • Alfa Laval MIB 503 Module
    In marine and diesel industry, low-quality fuels have particles and water. The MIB 503 Module is a complete separation solution that improves the reliability of the oil system and protects the main engine from serious wear and damages....

  • The module is available in a gas oil, diesel oil and a lube oil configuration.

    The gas oil configuration consists of the separator, the control cabinet, the pump, the flexible hoses and the alarm sensors. All of the components are mounted in an optimally designed frame that can fit even the smallest engine rooms.

    The MIB 503 separator consists of a solids-retaining bowl which can operate both as a purifier and a clarifier. Its unique drive technology is based on an electric motor mounted directly to the bowl, controlled by a frequency converter located in the control cabinet. The pump installed on the module is a positive displacement pump with constant flow and is connected to the separator through flexible hoses.


    • Easy to install and start up
    • Easy to operate
    • Easy to maintain
    • High separation efficiency
    • Robust and reliable design
  • Emmie - Mobile hydraulic oil cleaning system
    The Emmie comprises a trolley-mounted centrifugal separator and electrical oil heater for use on ships. Moved between marine hydraulic systems, it removes water and 99% of all 2-5 μm particles from oil, increasing oil service life and system reliability....

  • The Emmie mobile cleaning system for hydraulic oil com prises a trolley mounted centrifugal separator and a mobile electrical oil heater. Wheeled between hydraulic systems, Emmie removes water and 99% of all particles in the size range 2 µm–5 µm.

    The result is a dramatic increase in the reliability of the hydraulic systems, the life-time of the hydraulic oil is extended, filter cartridge consumption is reduced and there is less contaminated oil to dispose of.


    • Bow, stern and azimuth thrusters
    • CP propellers
    • Deck cranes
    • Winches
    • Hoistable decks
    • Hatch covers
    • Ramps
    • Steering gear
    • Stabilizers 
    • Hydraulic lifts
    • Deep well pumping systems for product tankers/ chemical tankers
    • Stern tube lube oil
    • Steam turbine lube oil
    • Thermal oil


    • Drastic increase in the reliability and availability of hydraulic systems.
    • The life-time of the hydraulic oil is extended.
    • Reduced filter cartridge consumption.
    • Less contaminated oil and fewer filter cartridges to dispose of
  • MMB - Solids-retaining centrifugal separators
    Easy to install and maintain the MMB has a large space for sludge collection during purification of marine and power mineral oils....

  • Separation takes place in a solids retaining, also known as a solid-wall, bowl that can be arranged for purifica tion or clarification (optional). In both cases the contaminated oil is fed to the separator by a feed pump through the oil inlet and is separated by centrifugal force into its various phases. The heavi est phase, sludge, is forced to and deposited at the periphery of the bowl. Separated sludge is collected in the space at the periphery of the bowl and removed periodically by hand using the stainless steel sludge basket. The clean oil is continuously discharged by the built-in paring disc pump. Water leaves the bowl via an open outlet.

    When operated in purifier mode, a gravity disc must be fitted to obtain the correct interface position (the boundary between the separated oil and the water seal) in the separator bowl. In the optional clarifier mode, a clarifier disc is fitted instead of a gravity disc. 


    • Easy to install.
    • Requires limited space.
    • Pressurised discharge of clean oil.
    • No need for downstream pump.
    • Fewer service manhours. Larger sludge space extends operating period between manual cleaning.
    • Lower maintenance and spare parts costs.

  • Alfa Laval 290 Moatti Filter
    The 290 filter has a more compact footprint yet higher capacity with up to 30% more filter area than traditional automatic filters....

  • Compact and reliable, the Alfa Laval 290 filter is a self-cleaning disc-type automatic filter designed to protect sensitive engine parts. It provides full-flow filtration, particularly in lubricating oil and hydraulic control oil used for diesel engine installations onboard ships.

    The Alfa Laval 290 filter is equipped with innovative Alfa Laval Atrium technology, which enables continuous automatic backflushing filters with virtually no pressure drop, even in the case of fine filtration. This innovative technology makes it possible to employ a large filtering area using less space than conventional automatic backflushing filters. It also improves backflushing efficiency due to enhanced distribution method that more effectively disperses the unfiltered oil to be cleaned.


    • Maximum engine protection, minimal engine wear
    • Compact and versatile
    • Easy to install, operate and maintain
    •  Reduced total cost of ownership
  • AlfaNovaM Plate Heat Exchangers
    AlfaNovaM Marine line plate heat exchangers feature both plates and bonding of 100% stainless steel. AlfaNovaM Marine line is delivered with marine classification.


  • Alfa Laval AlfaNova plate heat exchangers are made of 100% stainless steel. They are suitable for applications which place high demand on cleanliness, applications where aggressive media like ammonia are used or where copper and nickel contamination is unaccepted. AlfaNova provides efficient heat transfer with a small footprint, has an extreme pressure fatigue resistance and covers high temperatures, up to 550°C/1022°F.


    • Compact
    • Easy to install
    • Self-cleaning
    • Low level of service and maintenance is required
    • All units are pressure and leak tested
    • Gasket free
    • Copper free

    Plate heat exchanger reconditioning 

    Alfa Laval’s reconditioning services for plate heat exchangers (PHEs) are organized into three service packages. This lets you choose the option that best meets your time, budget and application requirements. Each package is handled by our expert service team and is supported by Alfa Laval’s more than 70 years of PHE experience. Our reconditioning packages can be used with PHEs from other manufacturers. Our unique AllBrands service lets us restore any PHE to optimal working condition. 

  • AQUA Blue Mini Freshwater Generator
    If your vessel bunkers fresh water or relies on reverse osmosis, the AQUA Blue Mini freshwater generator is ideal for smaller needs. With its tiny footprint and minimal need for electrical power, it efficiently provides 1–18 m3 of fresh water per day....

  • Alfa Laval AQUA technology has a history of making things smaller. Our AQUA Blue freshwater generator cut seawater needs and electrical power consumption in half.

    For you who need less freshwater capacity, the new AQUA Blue Mini cuts size in half too – and greatly simplifies service. Efficiently providing 1–18 m3 of fresh water per day, the AQUA Blue Mini is a perfect match for vessels where space is a constraint.

    Save space and time while avoiding headaches about bunkered water’s quality. The AQUA Blue Mini gives you a continuous supply of fresh water with less than 2 ppm, which can be used directly as technical water. No large tanks, no hassles in harbour – and no accumulating bunker costs.

    The AQUA Blue Mini isn’t just compact. Unlike reverse osmosis, it keeps its high efficiency even at lower water seawater temperatures. There’s no changing filters or clogged membranes – in fact, no complicated maintenance at all. Only a continuous supply of water that’s always less than 2 ppm.

  • PureBilge
    PureBilge is a fully automated centrifugal oily water separation system that cleans oily water onboard vessels at sea. By effectively removing marine oil pollution, it makes oily water safe for discharge overboard....

  • The Alfa Laval PureBilge solution is a reliable single-stage centrifugal separation system for the highly efficient treat ment of large bilge water volumes at sea as well as ashore. The compact modular system reduces the level of contaminants in bilge water to between 0 and 5 ppm oil in water.

    Based on a standardized concept, PureBilge is a complete stand-alone system that is easy to install for any new or existing installation. Continuous, fully automatic operation – even when subjected to oil shock and rough weather conditions – reduces the need for large bilge water holding tanks. This increases payload capacity.

    PureBilge significantly reduces operating costs compared to conventional bilge water systems thanks to the reduced volumes of waste that require disposal. PureBilge complies with the Marine Environment Protection Committee Resolution, MEPC.107(49), of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and USCG regulation (46 CFR 106.050).

    Benefits for owners and operators:

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Reliable, always-available system
    • Easy and safe to operate

  • PureVent
    PureVent 2.0 is a radical new approach to cleaning the gas vented from engine crankcases by using centrifugal separation technology to remove oil mist and other particles, and help protect the environment....

  • PureVent 2.0 is a compact centrifugal oil mist separator that, when used with medium-speed diesel or gas engines, is capable of removing 98–99.9% of oil from crankcase gases. Recovered oil can be re-circulated to the oil sump and used again for engine lubrication. There is an  open design for diesel or gas engines releasing oil-free crankcase gas directly into the atmosphere. The closed design is for gas engines re-circulating clean gas to the turbocharger, which further reduces atmospheric emissions and does not promote turbocharger fouling.


    • Internally compatible for separation of EX Zone 1 classified crank case oil mist. 
    • High separation efficiency. Provides 98–99.9% separation efficiency at 40–150 m3 /h.
    • Stable pressure conditions. No internal pressure drop. Suction extracts the gas from the crankcase. With a fixed valve on the inlet pipe, the crankcase pressure can be adjusted to a preferred level.
    • Recovered oil can be re-circulated to the oil sump.
    • No hazardous waste associated with conventional filter solutions.
    • Two-year service intervals eliminate the frequent maintenance requirements associated with filter replacement.


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