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Protect your people, equipment, and vessels with Mascoat, a global leader providing quality engineered, purpose-built coatings and equipment for over 25 years. Our products provide proven solutions to solve condensation issues and the corrosion that can follow, protect from thermal transfer, and reduce or completely prevent harmful noise and vibrations. With approvals from multiple certification bodies, Mascoat gives you peace of mind with products that perform. At Mascoat, we realize that watercraft builders, owners and operators deal with a number of practical concerns when it comes to thermal, condesnation, and sound protection, and we have solutions that can help them mitigate all these. Our products are formulated and manufactured to meet the challenging, harsh marine environments and unique requirements of the maritime industry. Mascoat marine products are currently used on thousands of vessels around the globe - from barges and workboats to luxury yachts and military craft of all sizes.


  • Mascoat Marine-DTM
    Mascoat Marine-DTM provides thermal and anti-condensation protection in a water-based, one-part coating comprised of air-filled particulates held in an acrylic binder. The spray-applied coating goes on quickly and reduces long-term maintenance....

  • Formulated to provide a thermal barrier and anti-condensation protection for harsh marine environments, Mascoat Marine-DTM is a water-based, coating that applies like paint and cures quickly to enhance construction schedules. Marine-DTM is ideal for use in all types of workboats, platforms, barges, yachts ferries, and leisure crafts.

    The lightweight coating is currently in use on thousands of marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica and is designed to solve moisture and thermal transfer issues. It can be used standalone or in conjunction with pin-and-blanket type insulations depending on operation parameters. By using Marine-DTM, owners and operators can prevent moisture damage, block unwanted thermal transfer, reduce maintenance, and eliminate the chance of costly corrosion. 

    The coating bonds directly to the surface or primer (if needed), giving your vessels a long-lasting, effective coating solution that will not degrade over time and offer the same protection for years to come.

  • Mascoat Sound Control-dB4
    Mascoat Sound Control-dB has been trusted by marine, transportation and industrial companies worldwide since 1995 to provide effective, long-lasting vibration and noise reduction in a coating form that applies quickly and protects substrates....

  • In early 2021, Mascoat released the latest version, MSC-dB4, drastically improving sound damping characteristics, especially under 300 Hz, and capable of higher application film builds of 40-50 mils per coat to speed up application and help meet delivery schedules.  

    The coating’s revolutionary technology minimizes loud vibration due to structural translation and mechanical output—which significantly increases safety and ensures vessel comfort for crew and passengers. Typical total application thicknesses ranges from 40–160 mils (1–4 mm), depending on the application and customer requirements. When the coating is employed, customers can see decibel readings drop 10-15 dB, depending on substrate and thickness specifications. MSC-dB4 can be used all over a vessel, including bow thruster compartments, engine rooms, crew/passenger quarters, decks, overheads, or anywhere vibration is an issue.

  • Mascoat VBS Isolation Mounts and Rail System
    VBS Isolation Mounts are durable, effective brackets that can secure and isolate a wall or ceiling with no metal-to-metal contact between the rail system and the superstructure, meaning vibrations will be decoupled from the suspended wall or ceiling....

  • Building on the tradition of keeping crew and passengers safer and more comfortable, Mascoat also offers VBS Isolation Mounts. These durable, effective brackets can secure and isolate a wall or suspended ceiling with no metal-to-metal contact between the rail system and the superstructure above. This means that vibrations traveling through the ship will be decoupled from the wall and/or ceiling, making for a much quieter, more comfortable vessel.

    To give customers the best performance for their specific needs, Mascoat developed 3 different rubber dampers that each perform depending on the situation, including a fire-resistant, ABS approved version. Mascoat personnel will work closely with designers and owners to find the best solution for each vessel, ensuring successful noise reduction.


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