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Delta - T Systems is the world leader in marine engine room ventilation and moisture elimination.  Specializing in engineered ventilation systems and components to provide an ample supply of moisture-free air to the engine room for optimal cooling and combustion efficiency. Our purpose built products include: Fans, Blowers, Fan Controls, Moisture Eliminators, Rated Fire Dampers, Smoke/Fire Closures, Weather Closures and the Zazz MRC (Moisture Rejection Closure).  Delta T Systems is also your sole source for sales, service and load testing on the full line of Cranston Eagle marine off-load hooks for the launch and recovery of rescue boats and other small craft.  Recently, Delta - T joined the Centek Industries family of companies which include Centek Marine, Fortres Pilings and Fiberglass Tubing Supply.


  • Marine Axial Fans
    Purpose built fans specifically engineered for the harsh marine environment....

  • Marine fans from Delta - T Systems are designed and built for the harsh marine enviroment.  Available in a large range of sizes, including custom, to suit your exact needs.  Delta - T fans are a critical part of an engineered, balanced ventilation solution.
  • Moisture Eliminators
    Stop the corrosive effects of salt water before it enters the engine room with Moisture Eliminators from Delta - T Systems....

  • Specially designed, pantented profile removes moisture from the airflow before it gets into the engine room or other spaces on the vessel.  Prolongs the life of mechanical equipment by eliminating the corrosive effects of salt water.  Standard sizes available as well as custome sizes and shapes.
  • Marine Off Load Hooks
    Simply the best boat and fall mounted release hooks available. Exclusively distributed and re-certified through Delta-T Systems....

  • All stainless-steel construction with models from two to twelve tonnes.  Tested to 6 times it's rated safe working load for the maximum in lifting saftey and realiability.  Delta - T Systems is the authorized U.S. agent for Cranston Eagle marine off-load hooks including parts, rebuilds, load testing and the required five year recertification services.

  • A-60 Rated Fire Damper
    The Slimline A-60 Rated Fire Damper is an all stainless steel, USCG certified fire damper which is available in a wide range of standard sizes as well as custom sizes for almost any application....

  • The Slimline A-60 damper is constructed entirely of 316 stainless steel and is the narrowest fire damper available on the market today.  An electric actuator opens and closes the damper and will automatically close in the event of a power loss.  A thermal tripping device will also close the damper if the ambient temperature reaches 165 f or whatever temperature the operator sets.  There is a built in test switch for periodic checks on the damper's function.  USCG Certified.
  • Engine Room Ventilation Controls
    Manual or fully automatic, your choice with controls from Delta - T Systems. Our automatic controls are the brains behind a fully engineered, balanced engine room ventilation system....

  • Simple to smart solutions, your choice with Delta - T Systems controls.  The manual controls allow the operator to adjust the fan speeds and dampers as needed while the automatic controls can monitor pressure and temperature and adjust according to pre-determined parameters.


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