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Silent Running SR 1000 is a VOC compliant, water based product that is easily applied with a spray application. This sound damping paint can be used on the interior of the hull, stringers, engine beds, bulkheads, ceilings, hatches, engine boxes, bow thrusters, HVAC units, duct work, generator covers and mechanical enclosures. SR 1000 is designed as a “permanent” coating and has excellent adhesion to all metal, fiberglass, and wood. The key to Silent Running is to build it up, in multiple coats, to a minimum of 40mil final application thickness (depending on thickness of substrate).

Silent Running is more effective than traditional damping methods, not only due to its chemical properties, but also because of the complete adhesion to the substrate regardless of curves or angles. Silent Running will not absorb water or chemicals and will endure the extreme conditions in the marine environment. Typically Silent Running is roughly half the cost of traditional foam products and a third the weight. Silent Running weighs 8 oz. per sq. ft. at a 50 mil final application thickness.

Silent Running can withstand temperatures from -30F up to 250F. With typical applications for which Silent Running was designed, we provide a 6-8 dBa reduction (roughly 60% of the noise) with the minimum application thickness recommended based on substrate thickness. This is a significant reduction. The effects of noise and vibration on crew members would be reduced considerably, the working environment improved overall and the life of the vessel extended.


  • Silent Running Acoustical Coatings
    SR 1000 is a high performance, viscoelastic coating used to dampen vibration and reduce unwanted noise in the Marine Industry....

  • Silent Running’s liquid-based sound damping coating utilizes an innovative technology that virtually eliminates unwanted vibration and sound problems. The viscoelastic property of Silent Running absorbs structure borne vibration, thus reducing noise by converting it into a very low-grade heat, which is dissipated throughout the applied surface. We manufacture distinct formulations for use in marineindustrial, and automotive applications. Silent Running adheres to most surfaces and since it’s a liquid, it goes on easy like paint with a brush, roller or spray. Unlike mats and wraps, it takes up less space and weighs less than existing sound proofing technologies. Just paint it on and feel the difference.


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