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Electric boating starts at Bellmarine. In the world of electric propulsion systems Bellmarine is the standard. The years of experience, quality, innovation and durability are a guarantee for pure boating pleasure! Perfection in every detail. All parts installed below deck have to be of the highest quality; moisture and salt will take their toll and can have an effect on the durability of your drive system. Only the best materials are suitable and have been carefully selected. The Bellmarine systems are developed and produced in the Netherlands! With over 3000 electric propulsion systems in use Bellmarine has set the standard. Durability makes it the first choice of Professionals. You will be assured of the best quality and service and also the price of a complete system will be a pleasant surprise!


  • HM 2000
    The HM hybrid transmission system series is as simplicity at its best: the system had been designed to be fitted on any combustion engine, as long as it has an SAE standard flywheel and housing and to any type of SAE standard transmission....

  • The “electric machine” has a double function, working as an electric motor in the electric mode and as an electric generator in the thermal power mode, and the HM560 model can be turned 360 degrees for the best position in the vehicle or the boat.
    The MPD pump drive is an innovative module that fits between engine and transmission to drive a plurality of hydraulic pumps, withdrawing power directly from the engine flywheel.

  • The MPD split power drive is directly mountable to the engine SAE housing and flywheel, featuring a built-in flexible pump to damp torsional vibrations and compensate for possible misalignment.
    The output is a SAE dummy flywheel and housing that connects to any SAE-driven equipment such as marine transmissions or PTOs, like TRANSFLUID HFO/HFR (oil/air actuated PTOs), KPTO (fluid coupling) and PF -PTO (PTO with RBD rubber coupling).
    The unit is self-contained with its own lubrification circuit.
    Fast mounted designs are available for the Stelladrive pump drives by Transfluid.
    As natural development to TRANSFLUID’s power transmission product range, the TowerClutch power take-off fulfills a growing market demand for a disconnectable, compact dry clutch with high capacity hydraulic pump pads....

  • With the ability to easily drive multiple implements, leading manufacturers of mobile machinery have been finding applications for its use in rock crushers, wood chippers, drill rigs, waste grinders, road mills, reclaimers and marine propulsion.

    Assembled with time-tested and proven heavy-duty production products and components the TowerClutch PTO provides unsurpassed performances and reliability. The oil/air actuated dry clutch (HF series) is flanged to the engine through an innovative splitter box (Stelladrive series) which mounts to standard SAE engine flywheel and housing connections.

    Bellmarine is a Dutch brand and leader for many years in electric marine propulsion, and more. It is consolidated on the European market with over 4000 systems installed in various types of applications.


  • The new company, Transfluid North Europe B.V., was established in 2018, combining Bellmarine and Transfluid’s experience and skills in the electric marine propulsion industry. Both companies share a vision orientated towards the future:  environmentally friendly propulsion for both marine and industrial applications, and the natural evolution of their technologies.

    The merger between the two companies now makes it possible to offer electric and hybrid solutions suitable for any type of boat or industrial vehicle, covering a range of powers unique in the world.

    Permanent magnet motors with steerable and trimmable Stern Drive transmission;
    available with air or liquid cooling....

  • *Air Reduction ratio i= 2    *Propeller rpm = motor rpm/i

    *Liquid Cooled Reduction ratio i= 2    *Propeller rpm = motor rpm/i

    *SternMaster Including:   • Motor with mounting brackets and silent blocks    • Motor with integrated thrust bearing    • Vector control inverter IP65    • Main switch and main fuse    • DC-DC converter 12 Vdc    • 1,5m cable for display, lever, key    • Quick install / easy connect / plug and play    • Throttle lever with mechanical actuator (TFC)    • Elastic coupling between motor and transmission    • Trim kit Optional:    • NMEA2000 compatible (upon request


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