Carlisle & Finch Company (The)

Cincinnati,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 1951

Since 1894, The Carlisle & Finch Company has become the world leader for the highest quality and brightest searchlights made.  The Company enhanced its reputation as the industry leader when it pioneered the development of high intensity xenon arc searchlights.

Today, the Company is being run by the fourth Generation team of 2-brothers, Kurtis B. Finch – President, and Garth S. Finch – Senior Vice President.  This owner/management team is continuing to lead the Company to remain the standard for our US Navy and Coast Guard (including aid to navigation coastal lighting), the national and international commercial marine industries, as well as the world’s most prestigious yacht builders.

The Carlisle & Finch Companyan ISO 9001:2015 with Design companytoday manufactures an extensive line of marine searchlights intended for heavy duty ship board use and land based security applications…… extensive line of searchlights using halogen and xenon short arc as light sources, as well as an emerging line of LED searchlight products.  Specialty and custom searchlights compliment the product line, for unique applications requiring all sorts of embedded cameras, from low light to thermal imaging and much more.  Total manufacturing square footage is approximately 35,000 and filled with all sorts of manufacturing equipment, machinery, etc. from CNC machining centers to automated Powder Coating along with many skilled craftsmen for operation.


  • Xenon, Halogen, & LED Searchlights
    C&F products may also include, Anti-icing Heaters, Azimuth Indicators, High Powered Strobe, NightFINDER™ Thermal Cameras, SmartVIEW™, Detachable IR Filters, all Custom Made to order in the USA.

  • Beam Intensity                    3.5 Million Candlepower (candela)

    Distance Serviced              1 lux at 1870 meters (approx.)

    Beam Spread                      3.5° (approx.)

    Color Temperature             5700° Kelvin

    Controls                              Joystick Electric Control, Remote Lever-Gear Control and Local Handle Control

    Environmental                    IP56

    LED Emitter Life                 20,000+ Hours

    Light Energy                       7000 Lumens

    Material/Finish                    Brass and Stainless Steel with Salt-resistant, Scratch-resistant white powder coat finish

    Modular Redundancy        Each POD has its own electronics, so if one fails, a bright beam is still projected (Pg. 2)

    Power Consumption          120 Watts

    Voltages                              12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC – 277VAC

  • Xenon, Halogen, & LED Searchlights
    X9396LG-RF 500-Watt Lever Gear Remote Focus Xenon Searchlight...

    • Beam Intensity:       Illuminates an object or person approx. 6708 Meters away on a clear night.

    • Xenon Lamp:          1000 Watts with 6500º Kelvin

    • Beam-Size Focus:  Twist Knob on top of Searchlight Head changes the Beam-Size, with no tools required.   

    • Manual Aiming Methods:  Handle on head provides accurate aiming, and Beam can be locked in Horizontal and Vertical Positions, quickly and easily with no tools required.

    • “Multi-board Safety Back-up”:   Electronic power supply design incorporates two boards in parallel, and if one fails, the beam will still operate in back-up mode!

    • Bullet-Resistant Reflector:         Virtually Indestructible Nickel  Material with Polished Rhodium Finish helps prevent breakage if fixture is impacted by bullets or rocks

    • Anti-corrosive Design:               Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel with Salt Resistant Powder Coat Finish.

    • NightFINDER™ Thermal Camera (optional):  Embedded camera added to searchlight provides additional Night Vision capabililty, and the Searchlight Beam and Camera track on the same target!

    • LED Hybrid (optional):              Auxiliary LED Light Modules project a “Wall of Light”, 150 Meters Wide and over 300 Meters away, for strategic wide area, short-range lighting. 


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