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The name Furuno is no stranger to workboat vessels. Furuno USA has been the industry leader in marine radar, sonar, fish finders, communications and precision navigation for over thirty years in the U.S. Today, Furuno is the leading supplier of marine electronics around the world. Even though Furuno straddles today’s market, it all began with a single product and one man’s vision more than 65 years ago. In the early 1940’s, Mr. Kiyotaka Furuno set out to help Japan’s fishing fleet improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Using state-of-the-art sonar technology, Mr. Furuno helped engineer and manufacture the world’s first electronic fish finder. This new fish finder was the first in a long succession of break-throughs in fish detection technology.


  • FMD3200 ECDIS with 19" Display
    The FMD3200 ECDIS provides the operator with quick access to the tasks and functions to be performed in the midst of vessel operation....

  • The FMD3200 employs two new, intelligently arranged Graphic User Interface elements: Status Bar and InstantAccess Bar, that deliver task-based operation scheme to give the operator direct access to the necessary operational procedure. The Status Bar at the top of the screen provides operating status, including modes of operation and presentation. The InstantAccess Bar on the left edge of the screen provides quick access to functions available in each of the ECDIS operating modes. The contents of the InstantAccess Bar change according to the operating modes selected on the Status Bar. This combination of the Status Bar and InstantAccess Bar covers virtually the entire operation, providing the operator with quick and easy access to the tasks to be performed.

    Fully complying with the performance standard of ECDIS stipulated in IMO resolution MSC.232(82), the FMD3200 is a suitable candidate designated for new installation as well as retrofit to fulfill ECDIS mandatory carriage requirements.

  • FAR22x8NXTBB 96 NM Solid-State Black Box Radar
    The FURUNO FAR22x8BB series Radar series is characterized by its state-of-the-art antenna design and innovative signal processing techniques....

  • FURUNO latest and finest technologies and intuitive design will increase situational awareness and enable safer than ever navigation. Operators can quickly adjust the Radar image with a single button press. When the ACE function is activated, the system automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions. With Fast Target Tracking™, the FAR22x8BB series provides accurate tracking information; speed and course vectors are displayed in mere seconds allowing operators to take action and avoid incidents at a very early stage. The InstantAccess barTM gives you immediate access to the function you need, and contains shortcut menus of tasks (functions/actions) that operators frequently use, so you can quickly access necessary tasks.

    The FAR2218BB and FAR2228BB Radars are designed to provide clearer and more accurate radar images of the surroundings while increasing reliability and decreasing overall cost of ownership with easy maintenance. The gearbox itself has been redesigned to reduce aerodynamic drag that lightens the environmental burden on the gearbox. This, along with an all new brushless DC motor, results in a very durable gearbox that can be used for prolonged periods. 

    Furuno Solid State Radars emphasize quality and reliability, while also meeting the rigorous demands of the marine environment.

  • NavNet TZtouch3 with DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar
    NavNet TZtouch3 with the DFF3D delivers PBG (Personal Bathemtric Generator), allowing boaters to create their own shaded relief maps of the seafloor, drawn with depth contours and variable colors.

  • Winner of the 2021 NMEA Technology Award, NavNet TZtouch3 TZT16F with PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator) allows boaters to create their own shaded relief maps of the seafloor, drawn with depth contours and variable colors that make it easy to identify hidden structure and ridges that hold fish. NavNet TZtouch3's new Version 2.01 Software brings new functionality to the series, including Fish-It & Drift-It, features available only from Furuno. Fish-It & Drift-It helps you locate the correct spot to start your drift so you'll pass right over your fishing point. Tapping on a location on the chart, such as a pinnacle, wreck, charted artificial reef, or even a hot fishing spot on the Fish Finder or DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar screen, creates a temporary "fishing go-to point" with dynamic range rings, a course line between the point and the boat, and a temporary track line. Now activate Drift-It, an exciting new feature that automatically creates a starting point for the vessel to drift directly over your Fish-it spot.

    Furuno's ground-breaking DFF3D continues to wow the sportfishing community, winning the highly-coveted Product of Excellence award for Fish Finder for the fifth consecutive year. The DFF3D takes 3D Fish Finding to new depths. We’re talking depths of over 980 feet, with Side Scanning over 650 feet, with a 120-degree view from port to starboard. See fish and bottom structure as you’ve never seen them before, at depths previously unfathomable. Now you can visibly see fish schools and the underwater landscape at great depths in amazing detail. The DFF3D turns your NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2, or TZtouch3 MFD into a Multi-Beam Sonar that can see 120-degrees port to starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction fish schools are moving while displaying the seabed condition in real time. With new PBG functionality, boaters can create their own shaded relief bathymetric charts wherever they travel. 

  • SC70 Satellite Compass with 2-sensor antenna
    The SC70 provides a highly accurate heading input to other technologies by utilizing the very latest GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)....

  • The SC70 proves its value by increasing the accuracy of other devices, such as Radar, ARPA, Scanning Sonar, Current Indicator, Chart Plotter, ECDIS, and Autopilots. The Satellite Compass provides a variety of data, including GPS Positioning, SOG (Speed Over Ground), COG (Course Over Ground), ROT (Rate Of Turn) and 3-axis speed (bow, stern and longitudinal). All of these data assist with critical maneuvers, such as berthing. The Compass is maintenance-free - a great asset for any vessel - and connects easily into the existing shipboard network via Ethernet connection.

    The SC70 provides highly accurate heading data of 0.4° for autopilot, Radar, ARPA, Scanning Sonar, Current Indicator, Chart Plotter, ECDIS and Autopilots. It is ideal for small to medium boats requiring highly accurate heading, and is IMO Type-approved as THD, GPS and ROTI, complying with the IEC/ISO requirements. It features a rapid follow-up rate 40°/s, twice the IMO high-speed craft requirement of 20°/s.

  • SCX20 Compact Dome Satellite Compass, NMEA2000
    The SCX20 enhances the performance of onboard equipment such as Radar, Fish Finders, Sonar, and Autopilots....

  • Utilizing four separate GNSS Antennas for the ultimate in responsiveness, the SCX20 sets a new standard for reliable and accurate heading for all of your marine electronics. Traditionally, a Satellite Compass™ calculates heading using one baseline between two antennas; the SCX20’s four antennas can calculate heading information using any one of the six baselines drawn between the four antennas.

    The unprecedented quad-antenna design of the SCX20 makes IT capable of calculating extremely accurate heading, pitch, roll, and heave information. It is the perfect heading solution for complex vessel installations where the view of satellites may sometimes be obstructed.

    The SCX20 enhances the performance of onboard equipment such as Radar, Fish Finders, Sonar, and Autopilots. Accurate heading information empowers your NAVpilot to keep a better course, saving time, fuel, and money on every voyage; meanwhile, precise pitch, roll, and heave information stabilizes the display for many Furuno Fish Finders and Sonars, allowing for an accurate presentation even in the roughest of seas.

    Full NMEA2000 Certification provides plug and play connectivity to any NMEA2000 network. Distribute high-accuracy navigation data as well as air temperature and barometric pressure. Initial Setup and configuration can be done from any Navnet TZT2/TZT3 MFD, Navpilot 300, or use the free Furuno SC Setting Tool PC Software when properly interfaced.

    When connected to Furuno SCX20, the Radar’s echo trails hold steady and clearly depict an accurate echo trail thanks to the unit's amazing accuracy.

  • FR1918VBB
    12kW Portrait Orientation River Radar for inland navigation...

  • The FR1918VBB is a reliable River Radar that offers Furuno's top-quality performance and ease of operation. For the first time, a Furuno radar can be operated with only a trackball! Thanks to its compact components, this portrait-oriented River Radar is simple to install. The available slim LED TFT screen produces a clear and contrast-strong image both day and night and can be dimmed down to almost zero if necessary. Thanks to the unique optional PC mouse operation, the FR1918VBB River Radar is incredibly easy to use.

    The Portrait orientation of this River Radar allows you to see more detail ahead and behind the vessel, where it counts. Operation of the Radar is simplified, and all settings are menu-driven and easy to update. Working with the FR1918VBB is a whole new experience thanks to the unique operation with just a mouse or touchpad. A compact processor and control unit enables a simple installation, and the logical controller and optional mouse connection allow for comfortable and intuitive operation. Dual Radar combination is possible, allowing for the display of two River Radar systems on one screen, and up to four Antennas and Processors can be networked together for a complete view of the situation around the vessel. The FR1918VBB processor allows for storage of up to 24 hours of Radar images on an SD memory card.

    Docking mode is available, and the Radar can display up to 300 AIS targets, 2 EBL’s and 2 VRM’s.

  • FICE100/FOIL200
    Combination Ice and Oil Detection Radar...

  • The Furuno FICE100 Ice Detection Radar is connected to standard Furuno FAR2xx8 or FAR3000 X-band Navigation Radar. Ice Radar displays the ice conditions by removing image noise, making the fine structures of the ice more visible. Hybrid Ice Radar captures the raw Radar signal from the ARPA processor. The result is a stable image that includes the fine details found in the Radar echoes. By using Ice Radar, vessels can find the old rifts, clean ice, and channels made by icebreakers and other vessels. Finding and using these, the vessel consumes much less power and saves fuel and time!

    Infrared cameras are challenging to maintain in icy conditions. Ice Radar is a supplementary system for Navigation Radar to observe ice conditions using the same outdoor equipment.

    FOIL200 Oil Spill Detection Radar is connected to standard Furuno FAR2xx8 or FAR3000 X-band navigation radar. Oil Spill Detection Radar can be used in offshore and onshore installations together with standard Navigation Radar. The installation can be done onboard the vessels, oil rigs or any other platform where the Radar is needed to detect oil spills.

    The Oil Radar detects oil spills automatically and creates a polygon to mark the spill. You can mark the oil spills manually with polygons and update them whenever it is required. You can also take screenshots from the screen and record the raw Radar video to the external hard disc or memory stick for future evaluation or training purpose.

    FOIL200 uses raw Radar video from the Navigation Radar. The special, high-performance algorithm is used to process and analyze the raw video to detect oil spills. To achieve the most efficient image to detect oil, you can change between different Fusion modes and see the result in real time on the screen. Oil spill image is created with an integration of up to 100 Radar antenna scans. Generated image is based on motion compensated Fusion scans. Adjust the Fusion Scan number together with Fusion Mode.

    The new Wireless WASSP systems deliver stunning bathymetric images...

  • Two new wireless WASSP systems are available, with options for survey and general bathymetry alike. The WASSP S3 utilizes a new, simplified WASSP CDX for control, visualization, and data management, while still providing a comprehensive set of functions to meet the most demanding needs.

    The WMBG3W3 “Wireless WASSP” system is designed for yacht tenders and their motherships, enabling tenders to map the bottom ahead of the mothership and have the bathymetric image appear on both boats at the same time. This “Gen 3 W3” system comes with the WASSP DRX system packaged with the INU wireless antenna kit, and includes the wireless license to enable communication between the two clients. The Wireless WASSP system is an invaluable tool for keeping the mothership in deep water while the tender finds areas for anchoring, diving, and exploration while mapping the bottom.

    The WMB1320SI Survey System includes the DRX32 processor, survey license, INU kit (satellite compass plus motion sensor), and a backscatter (bottom hardness) license. Choose either the CDX or Time Zero Pro Interface, and you'll be off and running with a system that’s engineered to meet the needs of most users in the harbor and construction survey market. Built for survey and mapping, WASSP S3I scans a 120 degrees swath port to starboard and using 224 beams. Advanced signal processing delivers a complete picture of seafloor bathymetry with ease. The S3I is one of the world’s most cost-effective professional survey and mapping multibeam sounder solutions. It delivers on every front - accurate, versatile, user-friendly and most importantly, scalable to your exact needs.


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