Sea Machines

Boston,  MA 
United States
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Sea Machines is unlocking the potential of marine operations with revolutionary autonomous control systems and supporting advanced technologies. Our technology is built for work is proven to increase productivity, predictability and efficiency, while reducing operational risk. A leading developer of autonomous vessel control systems and perception technology for workboats and ships, created for mariners, by mariners.

The company's SM300 is an autonomous-command and remote-control system commercially ready for installation aboard many types of workboats and commercial vessels, complementing traditional helm controls. The system allows for supervised or minimally manned control.The SM200 is a remote-control system, able to provide line-of-sight command and control of vessel propulsion machinery and deck equipment, such as fire pumps or winches. 2021 WorkBoat Show, we are excited to showcase what is next for the Sea Machines product line for workboat industries.

Sea Machines was founded in 2015 and has office locations in Boston and Hamburg.


  • SM200
    SM200 readily integrates with new or existing vessels and allows mariners to manage vessel control from personal locations that offer improved communications, greater visibility, or increased safety....

  • The SM200 offers a new methods of vessel control from outside of the pilot house, while reducing operational risk in dynamic marine environments. This technology empowers the pilot or controller to be in full control of the vessel from the optimal location, such as a closer or more direct personal l view of an operation, as compared to traditional wheelhouse control that at times rely on signals relayed from another crew member to the wheelhouse which almost always increases risk of miscommunication and incident.

    Unparalleled Control:

    • Remote helm control from outside wheelhouse, another vessel, or shore

    • Remote payload control

    • Remote vessel monitoring

    Sea Machines products are ready to interface with common onboard equipment, including propulsion and steering systems, instruments and electronically actuated payloads. 

  • SM300
    The SM300 enables operators to remotely command and monitor autonomous vessels from a second location. This capability increases productivity by enabling reduced-crew vessel configurations and increases safety by mitigating crew risk....

  • The SM300 provides vessel-born operational domain awareness and vessel telemetry and attitude to a remote commander via graphical chart-based user interface, tracked targets, multiple off-boat and on-boat video streams, and audible warnings, from a second location on another vessel or onshore. Onboard machinery, instrumentation, and payload data also streams to the user interface:

    Situational awareness via ENC-based GUI, tracker targets, video and audio streams. 
    Perception sensors RADAR, AIS, IMU, Depth transducer, and video cameras
    Obstacle detection and avoidance with dynamic path-planning
    Remote communications using either via wireless IP radio, 4G cellular and satellite radios with fail-over functionality


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