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Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. (BHGI) is a full-service naval architecture, marine engineering and consulting firm located on the harbor in Bristol, Rhode Island. BHGI has been in business for over twenty-five years, and has produced numerous designs, to which hundreds of vessels have been built. We specialize in commercial vessel design and consulting, and have experience with tugs, barges, Articulated Tug & Barge (ATB) units, passenger vessels, workboats, dredges and floating dry docks. We offer a wide range of design, engineering and analysis services utilizing state of the art computer modeling and design tools in concert with time honored design practices to develop innovative and functional designs. Our team of dedicated professionals hail from some of the best naval architecture schools in the United States, and we stand ready to develop practical and efficient designs to meet your specific needs. Please drop us a line to discuss how BHGI can help make your next project a reality.

 Press Releases

  • July 14th, 2021- On Saturday, July 10th, 2021, Bollinger Shipyards, LLC. christened the HOLLAND, a 400ft x 100ft ocean transport barge built for General Dynamics Electric Boat. Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. began working with Electric Boat engineers in 2017 to design the one-of-a-kind vessel. HOLLAND was built by Bollinger in Amelia, LA and will support the construction and maintenance of the Columbia Class ballistic missile submarines and Virginia Class fast attack submarines. The Columbia Class submarines will replace the aging Ohio Class ballistic missile submarines and Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. is proud to support Electric Boat and the U.S. Navy in executing this important mission.
  • (Oct 29, 2021)

    BHGI was contracted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to design a new 1,600 to 2,000 ton drydock to replace the aging, 400-ton drydock 1015 at the Ensley Engineer Yard in Memphis, Tennessee. The new drydock will aid in inspecting and repairing Corps and Coast Guard vessels and will give USACE updated, modern controls as well as a newer docking system to increase efficiency.

  • (Oct 29, 2021)

    BHGI recently expanded its office space in Bristol, RI to accommodate the firm’s growth. BHGI added two new naval architects to its naval architecture and marine engineering practice, Kendall Auth and Jeb Hamel. Kendall earned a B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and has five years of active-duty experience in the field. Jeb Hamel graduated from the University of Michigan with an M.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

  • March 3rd, 2020- Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. (BHGI) was awarded an Indefinite Delivery Contract for naval architecture and marine engineering services for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Philadelphia, District, Marine Design Center (MDC). This contract continues BHGI’s partnership with the Marine Design Center. Some of the projects BHGI has worked on for the USACE include, but are not limited to retrofits, finite element analyses, electric load analyses, vibration analyses, and computational fluid dynamics analyses as well as barge, towboat, and dredge design. BHGI is pleased to have been selected as the most qualified firm to provide services to USACE on this contract. BHGI has built a strong professional relationship with the USACE, MDC over the past decade and looks forward to being tasked with a variety of challenging projects to come.


  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Services
    BHGI utilizes state of the art computer modeling and design tools....

  • Some of the naval architecture services we provide include but are not limited to structural analysis, finite element analysis, deadweight surveys, hydrodynamic analyses utilizing computational fluid dynamics, and hydrostatic analysis. BHGI also offers a wide range of marine engineering services. Our engineers focus on the design of new vessels, re-powerings, and mechanical and electrical upgrades to existing vessels, as well as crane specification and integration, piping design, fuel system design, main engine specification, and electrical load analysis. BHGI’s marine engineers have many years of hands-on experience, both aboard vessels and in shipyards. This practical experience allows our marine engineers to better understand both operational and technical issues. 
  • Consulting Services
    BHGI provides technical support and consulting services to vessel owners, charterers, and operators....

  • These services can be in support of a new construction project, modifications, regularly scheduled dry docks or more comprehensive maintenance periods.  BHGI offers a full spectrum of services from concept design through shipyard selection to construction oversight. This can include detail design, implementation of tests and trials, and eventual lifecycle management and maintenance support. 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    BHGI performs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses using Orca Marine’s Simeric’s CFD program to conduct resistance studies on vessel hulls of all forms....

  • Hull models are generated by BHGI’s engineers and are run at various conditions to predict the performance of the vessel. BHGI uses CFD analysis to estimate ship hull performance in calm waters. This is especially useful when looking to optimize the vessel’s hull form to improve fuel economy. We have used our CFD capabilities to conduct comparative studies of barges, tugs, towboats, and ATB units. From these studies, hull form was able to be optimized to provide vessels with improved flow and resistance characteristics. CFD results include running waterline, resistance, wave train, pressure plots, and a variety of other analyses. BHGI uses these results to determine the best hull for its client’s needs. 
  • Finite Element Analyses
    BHGI has the ability to examine complex structures, for which conventional methods of analysis would be extremely difficult or time-consuming, using advanced computational methods such as finite element analysis (FEA)....

  • Using the latest FEA software and techniques, we can analyze existing projects as well as our own original designs. An analysis is possible for the entire vessel or for only certain areas of interest, such as a foundation that is expected to experience high loads. The fidelity of the analysis is determined and agreed upon ahead of time, and the analysis is carried out in an efficient and professional manner. Our FEA skills have allowed us to answer questions about many designs quickly and with a high degree of confidence. We regularly perform linear static, nonlinear static, buckling, contact, and transient dynamic analyses. Our experience also includes fluid-vessel interactions in various situations, both in still water and in a range of sea states. 
  • BREAKER II Delivered
    The BREAKER II was delivered in 2020 to NYPA in Buffalo, NY....

  • BHGI was contracted by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to develop the bid design and provide construction oversight/owner’s representation services for the construction of a twin-screw towing vessel. The vessel was built at Blount Boats in Warren, RI and was delivered in 2020 to NYPA in Buffalo, New York.  BHGI developed the BREAKER II specifications and bid drawing package in close collaboration with the operators, including significant detailed system design intended to provide improved ergonomics for the crew. The BREAKER II installs, retrieves, and maintains the Lake Erie- Niagara River Ice Boom, deployed in the winter at the mouth of the Niagara River

    BHGI helped design the HOLLAND....

  • BHGI began working with General Dynamics Electric Boat in 2017 to design a one-of-a-kind vessel, the HOLLAND, a 400ft x 100ft ocean transport barge. The barge was christened on July 10th, 2021, at Bollinger Shipyards. The HOLLAND will support the construction and maintenance of the Columbia Class ballistic missile submarines and Virginia Class fast attack submarines.

    BHGI has been tasked with numerous projects through our contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Philadelphia District....

  • BHGI completed the contract design for the DRIFTMASTER II, a 148’ catamaran hull, debris recovery vessel that will operate in the New York Harbor. The design incorporates a diesel electric hybrid propulsion system. BHGI also recently completed the detail design of the ENSLEY DRY DOCK, a new floating dry dock, which will replace the aging 400-ton drydock 1015 at the Ensley Engineer Yard in Memphis, Tennessee. The Ensley Dry Dock improvements resulted in updated modern controls as well as increased efficiency. A drydock built with the latest industry standards, including updated, modern controls, provides a safer environment for both customers and employees. BHGI is also currently designing the BIENVILLE TOWBOAT, which will be used to support the navigation and operations missions on the Mississippi River and surrounding intra-coastal waterways for the New Orleans District. 
    BHGI was contracted by the New York State Canal Corporation to design three new model bow inland tugs....

  • The new tugs will be diesel-powered inland tug vessels suitable for pushing and towing on the New York State Canal System and inspected under U.S. Coast Guard Subchapter M for towing vessels. The tugs will be primarily utilized for support dredging, towing, pushing, ice breaking, and pollution control. BHGI recently designed two other tugs for the New York Power Authority that are currently operating in the Buffalo area, and we are thrilled to continue providing services to the state of New York once again.


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