Master Packing & Rubber Company (MPRC)

Cedar Rapids,  IA 
United States
  • Booth: 2851

Master Packing & Rubber Company (MPRC) is a Veteran owned fluid sealing company and manufacturer of gaskets and seals for all types of equipment.  Since 1982 MPRC has proudly served the Pharmaceutical, Food, Petroleum Refining, and Industrial sectors, and become a sealing specialist recognized by OEM's, Railroad, Marine, and Power Generation Companies- providing innovative sealing solutions for some of the most demanding applications.


  • Gasket and Seal Manufacturer

    MPRC is Veteran owned American fluid sealing company providing the finest sealing materials for any type of equipment. Licensed provider of Genuine Viton fluoroelastomer.


  • Our products and services are as follows:

    • Custom Barge gasket and seal packages
    • Custom Vessel gasket and seal packages
    • Custom Exhaust gaskets
    • American made mechanical seal manufacturing.
    • American made pump packing.
    • Aftermarket engine gaskets and seals
    • Sheet and roll materials.
    • Standard flange gaskets and O-rings
    • Spiral wound metal gaskets.
  • MPRC- "Innovators in Seal Technology" Quality products designed, engineered, and made with the highest-quality materials from the fluid sealing specialists you've come to trust. Veteran owned and operated since 1982....

  • Whatever your application requires, MPRC can help find the solution to your sealing needs.  We supply gaskets from a wide variety of materials and designs; metal, spiral wound, heat-exchanger, polymers, soft fibrous material, cork, glass, ceramic, graphite, and Teflon.  Ring and Full-Face Gaskets, o-rings, and our Premium "Flex-Tex" flange sealant- THE "go-to" flange sealant.  Mechanical packings, mechanical seals, pump gaskets, flange splash guards, chemical sprays,  premium thread tape, and ask about our new "CGX" material as well as our new "SR (Service and repair) kits!"  MPRC is a small company doing very BIG things!
  • MPRC "Flex-Tex" Premium Flange Sealant
    MPRC's "Flex-Tex" is the "Go-to Sealant" for emergency situations and unexpected shut downs, often replacing standard ring gaskets. This should be part of every Maintenance Technician's tool box....

  • MPRC's "Flex-Tex" is an expanded Virgin PTFE joint sealant with an adhesive backing.  It's resistant to most common chemicals, and is rated for temps from -400F to +550F.  Flex-Tex can be used in just about any accessible bolted joint that features a flat or serrated sealing surface.  It's easy to install and remove, making it a highly versatile and cost-effective solution for many demanding sealing applications. 
  • MPRC's "CGX" material
    "CGX" was developed to mold into metal surfaces with imperfections, as seen with water jumper saddles and piping. Easy to apply to any sealing surface as it molds to various shapes/surfaces....

  • CGX is easy to apply to any sealing surface, as it molds easily to various shapes and surfaces where other materials fail to seal.  CGX gives you longer service life, resulting in less maintenance and repair costs over time.  Avoid unexpcted downtime and seal your application with "CGX" from!
  • MPRC's Teflon Flange Shield
    Safety is never "optional." MPRC's Teflon Flange Shields ensure the safety and protection of your operations and keep workplace safety in the forefront....

  • Workplace safety is critical, and MPRC's Teflon flange Shields ensure the safety and protection of your operations where common leaks occur- such as piping systems conveying chemicals, high temperature fluids, and steam- all potentially harming workers, the environments, and damaging your valuable equipment.  These shields are designed to prevent an accident by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays, and offer the following: transparent center strip for complete visual inspection, sides constructed of PTFE coated glass cloth, fire and tear resistant, optional 1/2" diamter PTFE drain nipple, and a max operating temp of 400F. 
  • MPRC's Premium PTFE Thread Sealant Tape
    MPRC's Premium PTFE Thread Sealant Tape is the ideal solution for sealing threaded metal and plastic pipe connections up to 2" diameter. Less is more with this premium tape!...

  • MPRC's Premium Thread Sealant Tape provides a tight seal while providing natural lubrication to prevent galling of the threads.  Made of 100% Virgin PTFE, it's resistant to most common chemicals, and is rated for temps from -450F to +550F.  Best of all, it's manufactured right here in the USA, for the very best quality! 

    Available in 4 different widths and 3 densities- (Standard, High, and Premium).  Our tapes can be used in general purpose applications such as water and air, or difficult applications such as acids and pure oxygen.  Easy to install, and has an unlimited shelf life- no age deterioration, non-hardening. 

  • MPRC's "SR- (Service and Repair) Kit"
    In the service and repair industry, unexpected problems occur. You need the right gasket material for the job, and need it quickly. This kit from MPRC will help you be prepared for these unexpected down times....

  • MPRC has developed a creative solution to help keep you prepared for those unexpected down times- the new "SR- (Service and Repair) Kit."  This kit includes all the essentials needed to make a gasket quickly and efficiently in the field.  It contains materials such as Premium PTFE Flange Sealant and Seal Tape, high-temp synthetic fiber sheet, cork, foam material with stick-on adhesive, Vegetable Fiber,  and Nitrile Rubber.  Best of all, it comes in one convenient and mobile box, traveling perfectly in a tool chest or truck cab, taking very little space.  The kit can be completely customized as well, depending on the needs of our customer.  Plan ahead, and be prepared for the unexpected with MPRC's "SR-Kit."


Please feel free to e-mail us at, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!