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Wabtec is a leading global provider of transportation equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the rail, marine and mining industries. Drawing on more than 50 years of experience, we are leading the way in safety, efficiency, reliability, innovation, and productivity. Our expertise, technologies, and people – together – are  accelerating the future of sustainable transportation.

Wabtec’s portfolio for marine, stationary power and oil & gas markets include:

  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Marine Diesel Gensets
  • Engine and Genset parts & services
  • High torque AC/DC motors
  • Onshore Power Supply
  • Extruded Rubber Marine Fenders
  • Turbochargers
  • Engine cooling components

Wabtec marine diesel engines meet EPA Tier 4 emissions standards through advanced exhaust gas recirculation that requires no urea-based aftertreatment.
No urea. No kidding. 


Wabtec Marine Diesel Engines. No urea. No kidding.


  • Propulsion & Auxiliary diesel engines
    We've been designing and building low emission, high-performance diesel engines used in locomotive, marine and stationary power market applications for more than 50 years....

  • Wabtec Corporation’s family of medium speed diesel engines includes both inline and V models. Our marine engines deliver continuous power ranging from 1,498 bkW to 4,700 bkW (2,009 bhp to 6,303 bhp) and can be configured to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 as well as IMO MARPOL Annex VI Tier II and Tier III emissions levels.

    With more than 22,000 engines in service worldwide in some of the most challenging industrial environments, Wabtec’s medium-speed engines are proven to be among the most dependable, durable and fuel-efficient engines available in the market. Our engines are supported by an extensive global parts distribution and service network.

    Wabtec has been first to launch a medium-speed marine diesel engine series which is certified to meet the EPA T4 and IMO III emissions standards by deploying advanced EGR technology, which minimizes the formation of NOX during combustion as opposed to reducing NOX in the exhaust gas through a series of chemical reactions in an after-treatment system. Engines with EGR technology offer significant benefits over engines with SCR after-treatment technology. Engines with EGR technology:

    • Have 30% to 50% lower system weight
    • Require 20% to 40% less space
    • Have a 40% to 49% lower installation cost
    • Have up to 8% lower operating expenses

    To learn more about Wabtec's Marine Diesel Engines, please visit our website.

  • Engine and Gensets parts & services
    Genuine OEM parts and services are available from Authorized Wabtec Partners to keep your installed base in top shape....

  • Wabtec’s spare parts are manufactured to precise tolerances in the same factory as our diesel engines, where they undergo stringent testing to ensure quality, reliability, longevity and safety. Only by using genuine spare parts can you maintain the integrity, performance and reliability of your diesel engine and even prolong the useful life of the engine. 

    Our remanufactured component solutions enable customers to replace old serviceable components with certified OEM quality replacements. Customers can choose to purchase remanufactured components through Repair and Return or Unit Exchange options, where offered and applicable for that given component. In either case, units go through a comprehensive teardown, requalification, and assembly process that ensures remanufactured units perform at par with corresponding new units. Available at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new parts, Wabtec’s certified remanufactured component solutions extend the life of the component and restore original performance.

    Worldwide shipping is available from our distribution center with expert teams supporting 24/7/365 operations. To find your local Authorized Wabtec Partner visit: wabteccorp.com/marine-solutions.

  • AC & DC motors
    For over 60 years, Wabtec has built thousands of AC and DC electric motors that have been deployed in locomotive, mining, oil & gas and marine industries....

  • Pioneering the application of AC technology to oilfield equiment, Wabtec Corporation has shipped more than 8,000 AC units for operation by onshore and offshore drilling contractors worldwide. Thousands more have been producted for Wabtec locomotives and mining. Available in 1150HP, 1600HP and 2000HP our motors also meet the demanding applications of marine, dredging and industrial equipment. 

    AC Motors

    • Manufactured in Erie, PA, USA for over 20 years
    • Over 8,000 units shipped for operation by most global drilling contractors. Thousands more produced for locomotive and mining applications.
    • ATEX, IECEx, CAN/CSA, ANSI/UL hazardous area certifications
    • ABS, DNV marine class certifications
    • Tape heaters; 200 watts on each end for superior winding protection
    • Power connection box field convertible (left to right side), with copper bar connections to the motor end rings
    • Form-wound copper stator windings
    • 4340 alloy steel – ABS certified motor shafts
    • 20 year design life – 1.5 design margin

    To learn more about Wabtec's motor portfolio, please visit: www.wabteccorp.com/drilling

  • Marine Fenders & Dock Bumpers
    Wabtec marine fenders are found in applications ranging from piers, docks, dolphins and other harbor structures, to tugs, barges, ferries and similar hard-working vessels which are subject to frequent and severe impact....

  • Longwood Elastomers, a part of Wabtec, has been producing specialized rubber products for more than 100 years and are committed to providing quality products and quality customer service.  Our marine fenders are found in applications ranging from piers, docks, dolphins and other harbor structures, to tugs, barges, ferries and similar hard-working vessels subject to frequent and severe impact.

    Our marine fenders are available in a range of rubber compounds to meet the most demanding service conditions. We supply products that provide increased resistance to oil, chemicals, weather, ozone, severe loads, grinding impacts and temperature extremes.  All products are designed to provide an excellent combination of tensile strength, resilience and energy absorption. 

    *  Effective Absorption of High Energy Impacts 

    *  Low Cost Installation & Maintenance 

    *  Environmentally Tailored Compounds


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