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Thordon Bearings, Inc. designs and manufactures water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, grease-free rudder and steering gear bearings, deck machinery bearings, and shaft seals for the workboat and marine markets. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, abrasion-resistant bearing systems. Our polymers offer the best combination of strength/stiffness and flexibility/elasticity. We have more than 25 years’ experience working with workboats, towboats, and tugs operating in dirty, abrasive-laden water, especially in the Mississippi River system of the U.S.A. With strong engineering expertise, Thordon can help you design and fit a Thordon bearing and seal solution into your application, reducing operating costs and improving overall performance.


  • RiverTough Tailshaft Bearing
    RiverTough bearings run in combination with hard coated nickel-chrome-boron (NiCrB) Thordon shaft sleeves routinely outlast rubber bearings by a factor of two or more in the most abrasive operating water conditions....

  • RiverTough offers increased resilience compared to rubber bearings offering easier alignment and less edge loading (installation at 3:1 vs. 4:1 L/D ratio). Thordon RiverTough bearings can be installed using an interference freeze fit or bonded in place using a Thordon-approved adhesive. Interference fit is often recommended for new build installations where the housing bore is consistent and concentric. Bonding is often the best option for repair installations where the housing bore may not be ideal.

    • Wear rates in muddy water are half that of rubber bearings - or less
    • Increased resilience offers easy alignment (3:1 L/D ratio)
    • Easy Installation
    • Eliminates stick-slip and vibration when operating at lower shaft speeds
    • Proven - Hundreds of inland and coastal waterways references
    • Zero to low maintenance

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  • SXL & ThorPlas-Blue Rudder Bearings
    Thordon’s ThorPlas-Blue & SXL rudder bearings operate without grease or oil lubrication, in dry or wet environments, and in all rudder bearing applications. Thorseals keep abrasives out of bearings and sleeves.

  • Reliability, long wear life and superior customer service have made Thordon the first choice in pollution free rudder bearing applications for over 25 years with an impressive reference list of over 4000 vessels. Thordon SXL rudder bearings offer low friction, operating pressures up to 12 N/mm2 (1740 psi) and the complete elimination of grease and greasing systems removing any risk of pollution. Thordon SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.
    • Grease-free operation in wet or dry environments
    • Simple to machine – no nuisance dust
    • Installation is fast and easy
    • The Thordon Pucker Seal is designed to keep out abrasives such as sand and grit from the rudder trunk, which will provide a longer bearing life

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  • TG100 Mechanical Face Seal
    The TG100 mechanical face seal is a high performance, low maintenance seal that is simple to install. You will save money by reducing your downtime with this robust seal solution....

  • The Thordon TG100 is a new mechanical seal designed specifically for 86mm (3.375") to 305mm (12") shaft vessels operating in either clean or abrasive-laden waters including workboats, harbor tugs, offshore supply vessels, yachts, ferries, fishing trawlers and self-propelled dredgers. 

    Manufactured to the same exacting standards as our high performing range of Thordon Bearings, the TG100 seals use the highest quality, hard wearing silicon carbide faces and our proprietary elastomeric polymers to offer the best combination of strength/stiffness and flexibility/elasticity.

    • Unlimited shelf life on elastomeric bellows
    • Unique emergency seal allows stand-alone operation to get you back to port without damaging the seal
    • Elastomeric bellows accept axial/radial shaft movement and compensate for alignment issues
    • Manufactured for long wear life and reduced maintenance costs
    • Wedge "lock" design ensures the rotary face is perfectly square with the shaft
    • Hydraulically balanced to accommodate various drafts
    • No expensive maintenance overhaul
    • No wear on the shaft or liner
    • No spare parts required
    • Large stock availability at our two strategically located US Warehouses for fast delivery

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  • ThorPlas-Blue Grease-Free Deck Machinery Bearings
    Ensuring reliable operation of all equipment installed above the waterline is a tough issue for any ship’s crew. Originally developed to replace greased bronze bearings, ThorPlas-Blue is life-time lubricated...

  • When a non-corroding pin or shaft liner is included as part of the conversion as recommended, ThorPlas-Blue does not require greasing to ensure smooth operation. The lubricants formulated throughout the homogenous ThorPlas-Blue polymer matrix ensure a low, stable coefficient of friction, even as the bearing wears. In applications where movement is infrequent and there is significant exposure to salt water spray, if space permits, high performance Thorseal lip seals can be considered to prevent the ingress of seawater and possible buildup of salt deposits in the bearing. Wear rates are very low compared to greased bronze ensuring long life and dramatically reduced maintenance costs.

    A Thordon solution has also been developed for the live end of a hydraulic steering system. The ThorPlas-Blue Self Aligning Bearing (SAB) solves the problem of less than desirable alignment tolerances in the hydraulic steering system design.  As most bearings in the steering system are greased sleeve type bushings, there is no allowance for vertical movement of the tiller pins. The ThorPlas-Blue SAB allows the bearing to tolerate small angular misalignment resulting from deflection or improper mounting. The bearing can also handle other damaging factors such as vibration, corrosion, and pollution.

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