Lifesaving Systems Corp.

Apollo Beach,  FL 
United States
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For 40 years Lifesaving Systems has been an innovator and leader in the world of maritime rescue and survival equipment. Founder Sam Maness invented the first emergency escape breathing device for helicopter crews, the first flotation kit for rescue litters, the first collapsible litters, and the only collapsible steel rescue basket.

Since 1980 we have designed and manufactured the equipment helicopter and maritime rescue teams use to save lives in some of the harshest environments imaginable. From rescue hooks to personnel harnesses, titanium ladders to rescue litters, from the strobe lights that the lost use to signal for help to the rescue strops that pull them to safety, we make the gear rescuers need to do their jobs and to do them as safely as possible.

Every hour of every day something invented and made at LSC is on or over the waters of the world, being used to save a life. We know the importance of what we are making. We know how and where it will be used. We know that it absolutely cannot fail when it’s needed. We make things that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and as tough and strong as the rescuers who take it with them to save lives.


  • FML-7 Floating Marker Light
    LSC's new Floating Marker Light is the perfect replacement for aging, older tech, water lights required for your vessel. No special batteries needed, all hardware and lanyards included, repairable....

  • Introducing LSC’s newest product, the FML-7, Floating Market Light with a Minimum of 7 candelas per flash in all directions of the upper hemisphere, over twice the required brightness. Brighter and longer operational time than the competition, the water light floats upright in extreme conditions. Constructed of a high strength ASA-Polycarbonate housing, the water light automatically rights itself and activates when thrown overboard. The compact and snag proof design allows for easy stowage and quick operational use. Wide-angle LED emitters produce extreme brightness that is visible omnidirectional 360° for over 3 miles. Two (2) D-Cell batteries power the water light and can be easily and quickly replaced.

    The FML-7 is USCG SOLAS Approved (161.110/30/0), is EC/US MRA Approved for use worldwide, and comes complete with a lanyard and corrosion-resistant clip that meets all USCG requirements for commercial vessels.

    Also approved for use by USCG units under MPC D-C-13204.


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