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Internationally recognized for quality products and top-notch field services, Scienco/FAST is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in sewage, ballast, and water treatment equipment for the marine industry.  The mission of Scienco/FAST is to provide a superior treatment systems that assists companies around the world to perform at the highest safety, compliance and reliability standards without impacting cargo operations. 

Since the first installation in 1969 on board the Towboat, M/V Missouri, certified Type II Marine Sanitation Devices, called MarineFAST® wastewater treatment systems, are installed on some of the ‘greenest’ boats in the world to provide total sewage treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. These MarineFAST units provide outstanding effluent quality and starts up much faster than conventional suspended growth processes – usually in half the time!  We recently introduced an “ultrafiltration”, membrane bioreactor, certified Type II MSD called BioBarrier® MarineMBR®


  • SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
    A generator system that uses a recirculating method to provide minimal operator attention & consistent chlorine strength. The SciCHLOR® generator maintains effective, reliable disinfection at an affordable cost with long SciCELL® life & easy maintenance....

  • SCIENCO® SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator features a “multi-pass” scouring design utilizing a robust SciCELL® electrolytic unit, control panel, and recirculation pump to automatically run at the optimum and extend cell life with power-save shut down if no usage of sodium hypochlorite.

    The SciCHLOR® sodium hypochlorite generator features SciCELL® technology for a pre-engineered, on-site system to safely and efficiently make chlorine. The SciCHLOR® converts saturated (26%) brine solution to a 0.8% strength hypochlorite – which is below the hazardous material threshold of 1%. The system includes a brine tank, chlorine storage tank, controls, and the SciCELL® unit.

    The SciCHLOR® sodium hypochlorite generator system uses a recirculating method to provide minimal operator attention and consistent chlorine strength. The Scienco® SciCHLOR® sodium hypochlorite generator maintains effective, reliable disinfection at an affordable cost with long SciCELL® life and easy maintenance.

  • MarineFAST® LX-Series
    This new economical and lightweight modular design is ideal for small commercial vessels. It is strong, corrosion resistant and will fit under the stairway of a tug engine room....

  • MarineFAST® Systems, are powerful, flow-through, Type II (two) Marine Sanitation Devices that are biological (aerobic digestion) treatment systems.
    MarineFAST® LX-Series Certified Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) to treat all blackwater and greywater generated on board.  Designed as an economical blackwater treatment system for harbor tugs and other small vessels, the unit requires no special training or expensive spare parts. It can handle any combination of fresh or seawater sewage. These marine High Strength Sewage Treatment Plants (HS-STP®) are IMO and approved worldwide. These systems have no moving parts in the treatment chamber(s) that are in contact sewage & nothing to corrode. Whether full crew or little to no crew, the MarineFAST® self-regulates, handling surges, overloads & light loads without problems. In fact, each MarineFAST® unit does this better than any other biological treatment system & is fully certified. The best part of all, it requires no manual cleaning.
  • MarineFAST® M- & MX-Series
    The MX are assembled versions of the M-Series, these compact package units are ideal for workboats, dredges, offshore vessels and structures, and other commercial vessels....

  • MarineFAST® M- & MX-Series Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) to treat all blackwater & greywater generated on board.  The system were designed specifically for installation where space & access for installation are limited. Both the M-Series & MX-Series require no special training or expensive spare parts.The best part of all, they require no manual cleaning.

    M-Series – Use in low headroom installations & other installations where access to available space & the space itself are extremely limited. Each of the M-Series’ components can be located in different compartments or on different decks if necessary. Additionally, each M-Series component will pass through a standard watertight door without disassembly & is pre-assembled & tested at the factory.
    MX-Series – (Assembled version of the M-Series) The system combines the Media tank & Wet Well in a single compact weldment. Standard units are completely assembled, wired & tested at the factory before shipment.


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