Bansbach Easylift of North America, Inc  

Melbourne,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 3564

Bansbach Easylift (Melbourne, FL) is the world's premier manufacturer of high quality, harsh environment motion control devices. Bansbach has over 100 years of manufacturing experience and we specialize in gas springs/struts, locking gas springs, traction springs, dampers and our unique linear electric actuators. Bansbach provides FREE expert engineering services for our products in the customer's application. We specialize in applications and support for commercial marine, aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Our products are well-known for reliability, dependability, and withstanding the most demanding operations and environmental conditions. Our products are available in powder coated steel, aluminum and 316L Stainless Steel with a massive variety of sizes, extention forces, damping characteristics, and other aspects to exactly fit any customer's needs. Bansbach also provides many types of end fittings and hardware for product installation. Bansbach has a strong supply chain and operational sustainability and we have NEVER stop producing, NEVER stopped delivering, NEVER shutdown. 


  • Gas Springs & Struts
    Gas springs provide a simplified mechanism using nitrogen and oil. Gas springs manage weight, prevents damage, injury and death by controlling motion on hatches, doors, ports and moving masts, windows and cabinets....

  • Gas springs, also called struts, come in the form of standard and locking in a wide variety of sizes, extendtion forces, damping characteristics and hardware end fittings to attach to the application. This is accomplished by pressurizing the cynlinder with nitrogen to extend the rod and adding oil to provide the damping function. Gas springs are used to manage weight, and control motion providing injury, death and damage mitigation in many applications, such as hatches, doors, gangways, adjustable windows, lids, cabinet doors and other movable features of a structure, vessel, vehicle, or sub-components.


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