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Ullman Dynamics, the world leader in suspension seat technology, pioneering the field since 1998. 
Based on medical science, Ullman supply police, military, coast guards and sea rescue in over 70 countries. 
With both lateral and vertical impact mitigation and Zero injuries reported, Superior comfort - and proven reduction of physical fatigue. Ullman seats the safest in the world. The maintenance free design also makes Ullman the least expensive seats - by far! 

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  • Ullman Dynamics Jockey Seat
    Ullman Jockey Seats allow the use of both arms and legs to absorb impact forces.
    They support the body posture in the best naturally balanced positions, proven optimal to withstand both vertical and lateral impact forces.... More Info...

  • The jockey seat is a saddle shaped seat with a back rest. Inspired by horseback riding and motocross, the first jockey seat for boats was designed by Dr. Johan Ullman. The characteristic shape of the jockey seat changed the perception of what a suspension seat in high speed boats should look like and is now the standard in many of the sea rescue units, coast guards and navies around the world. Known for inventions in the field of human factors, ergonomics and injury prevention, Dr. Ullman and the team at Ullman Dynamics continue to lead the development of the jockey seat.

    The straddling shape of the jockey seat allows for the seated to actively use the legs as a means to engage the body, which will act as a direct feedback system when exposed to whole body vibrations and slamming. The jockey seat has a superior capacity to protect the human body. Its excellent suspension and dampening, low weight and small footprint has great advantage over conventional seats, which is key when operating high speed RIB boats.

  • Ullman Dynamics Daytona Seat
    The Daytona is the lightest seat. Ergonomically designed for long-term comfort. Built to fit in limited spaces. Highest-grade carbon fiber and aviation grade aluminum, guarantee that they outlast the lifetime of the boat....

  • Daytona was developed for the most advanced Special Forces high speed craft in the world. After extensive testing in extreme sea states, it became the new standard.

    The anatomic shape and upholstery, the ultra-light carbon fiber unibody and the lateral suspension makes it ideal for the most demanding missions. Daytona seat gives full support and maximum protection when space is limited, weight is crucial, and COG needs to be low.

    Everyone on board should be equally protected. Daytona Crew is a cost-effective version of the Daytona Seat. The composite unibody makes the seat light and strong. The lateral support cushioning in both seat and backrest adapt to the operator, allowing a wide range of operator body sizes. Daytona Crew is suitable for large vessels as well as for small high-speed craft. The seat can be fitted with armrests, footrest, and harnesses. The low profile allows for easy integration in all craft.


  • Echelon Sportback
    The Echelon seat range provides all advantages of a full bolster seat – but with minimal space requirements.
    Superb comfort and unparalleled impact protection.

  • The seat offers a very small overall footprint due to its minimalistic design – allows for more space around the seat with maintained comfort. The small footprint and low weight makes it ideal for boats with larger troop carrier requirements.  In this Sportback version, the backrest is lower to allow full visibility throughout the platform for the operator and passengers. The seating geometry gives optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads. 

    The flat front facilitates ingress and allows the operator to assume a semi-standing position, with maintained shock mitigation and support.

    Also available with jockey-style front.

  • Echelon High Back
    The Echelon High Back seat offers a very small overall footprint with unequaled comfort, optimal body posture and is optimized for craft with larger troop carrier requirements....

  • The Echelon High Back has all the features of the sport back version - plus a high backrest, supporting the head. The redesigned Jockey front has a rigid core, covered with shock absorbing foam. Echelon is the true hybrid between a Jockey - and a Bolster seat. When seated back, the front provides lateral support by stabilizing the insides of the knees. When used it in the Jockey-position, the operator has full support and protection from impacts in all directions.

  • Ullman Dynamics Atlantic Crew
    The Ullman Atlantic Seat fully supports and protects the body from shock. Designed for long range transits in all sea states with maximum comfort and maintained S-shape of the spine.... More Info...

  • The safety of all passengers on board highspeed boats is our primary focus. The Atlantic Crew is a lighter and less complex seat than our competitors.  This seat provides full protection and comfort enabling employers to equip vessels with more seat to protect their most valuable assets – the workforce. It is popular on crew transport vessels that support wind farm and offshore industry as well a Naval Ship bridges where strict legislation requires the best proven shock mitigation. 

    Lateral and Vertical shock mitigation in excess of 20G. Full mitigation of Whole-Body Vibration. 

    5 year warranty and Zero Maintenance Required.

  • Console Design and Seat Layout
    Ullman Dynamics Design and Engineering Team provides support with cockpit-, console-, and dashboard ergonomics design and seat layout all in 3D... More Info

  • The Ullman consoles are designed and shaped to optimize the cockpit to a state-of-the-art ergonomic design and reduce air resistance while protecting the crew from wind and spray.

    This also includes optimizing postures and postural control of crew and passengers, and suspension seats

    built to protect users exposed to high magnitude impacts and even impacts containing lateral forces.

     Our designs provide optimal ergonomics in the most challenging operational conditions. The console designs can support port or starboard helm position and provides optimal positioning for steering wheel and throttle.  Ullman console designs can be used with a traditional steering wheel or with the Ullman Steering Bar System.

  • Ullman Dynamics Intuitive Steering Bar
    Ullman Intuitive Steering-bar System is fully electronic. Handles single and twin installations of all engines and drivelines, inboards, outboards, drives, waterjets, shafts and surface drives.


  • Optimizes vessel control and body postural control in even the most demanding sea states and operations.

    Control Steering and twin throttles simulataneously while holding on. 

    Tactile input from both hands lets you know the angle of the drives.

    Visual input allows the passengers to observe the rudder angle.

    Geometry gives optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads, while bracing with both arms to stabilize the entire body both laterally and longitudinally.

    Electromagnetic steering damper reacts to speed and force.

    Allows for seamless alternation between standing and sitting. 


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