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Dacon has since 1979 developed and produced maritime rescue and recovery equipment for professional use. We provide solutions to vessels of all types and sizes. Working together with our customers, Dacon finds solutions that minimizes risk to the crew whilst maximising the chance of a successful rescue. Our long experience in working with the offshore industry in the North Sea and North Atlantic helps us find solutions that will work also in severe weather. All products are manufactured in Norway and Dacon are continuously working with R&D to find the most suitable rescue solutions. Contact us with you challenges and together we’ll find the best solution for your vessel.


  • Dacon Rescue Scoop
    Dacon Rescue Scoop meets the relevant class and flag requirements for use on Standby Vessels.

    The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a power-assisted method of recovery for retrieving casualties from the water directly onboard vessels....

  • Dacon Rescue Scoop RSA is the offshore model used by most Standby Vessels around the globe. It is a large semi-rigid rescue net operated by a standard deck crane. The Scoop is suspended from the ship's side and provides an effective, rough weather recovery system with a rescue reach of about 4-6 m depending on dimensions and crane reach. The casualty is recovered in a horizontal position with full body support to avoid further injury or shock.

    For the system to be efficient and safe for the crew, the deployment height should be 2,5-5 m, preferably more than 3 m. It is usually deployed from the bulwark to provide protection for the crew working in the Rescue Zone. The Dacon Rescue Scoop is customized to each specific vessel, so please contact us with your vessel`s GA drawing to find the optimal solution.

    The equipment is compactly stowed in a crib on the inside of the railing or on top of/inboard of the cargo rail depending on vessel design. The Scoop is light-weight and flexible and provides a gentle recovery also for injured, exhausted or unconscious persons in the water.

    More than 800 vessels have been fitted with the Dacon Rescue Scoop and it has proven its value in extreme environments for many years.

  • Dacon Rescue Frame
    Man Overboard Recovery System

    DNV TEC certified and is compliant with Solas Reg. 111/17-1 & Subchapter M requirement §140.425 Fall overboard prevention (a)....

  • The Dacon Rescue Frame is a manual rescue net used on rescue crafts for gentle and effective recovery of exhausted, seriously injured or even unconscious persons from the water. The rescue net enables a man overboard recovery in a horizontal position and is quick and easy to handle for rescue personnel. A horizontal recovery position ensures a full body support, which might be decisive in reducing the possibility of shock and aggravation of injuries associated with the recovery of hypothermic- and seriously injured casualties.

    It is a well- known fact that lifting a casualty, with wet clothes from the water up into a rescue boat, is heavy and can be very difficult even with a low freeboard. Using a Dacon Rescue Frame that is attached to the rescue craft`s railing, enables the person operating it to only need to lift half the weight of the person in distress. The cradle is quick, efficient to use and saves valuable time in a critical situation. When rolled up for storage, the rescue net takes up a minimum of space and will not hinder passage even on smaller rescue crafts. The rescue cradle can also be used as a scrambling net for persons that are able to climb onboard. 

    The man overboard recovery system is very intuitive to use and requires only a brief introduction.

    The Dacon Rescue Frame is provided in a standard red/white edition for rescue craft as well as an all-black edition for navy, coast guard and police authorities etc.

  • Dacon Scrambling Net
    A unique and highly effective climbing net...

  • The Dacon Scrambling Net is a man overboard recovery equipment, being used on Standby and Rescue vessels all over the world. The rescue net enables persons in distress to climb to safety. It is a rigid rope net that provides a more stable, non-slip climbing and grip surface compared to other more traditional rope scrambling nets. The rigid rungs combined with heavy duty webbing makes the climbing net significantly easier to climb, as the shape will stay the same and not "collapse" when climbing it. The rigid rope net is of extremely robust design and with a very low total lifecycle cost, which makes this type of man overboard recovery equipment ideal for its users.

    Distance wheels provide distance to the ship side for an easy grip and foot hold. Internal weight in the bottom rung provides stability in the water for easy entry. As an additional feature the Dacon Scrambling Net can be provided with hauling lines for active recovery of casualties that are unable to climb to safety.

    The climbing net can be delivered with an optional fold-over installation frame to make installation of the man overboard recovery equipment even easier, and provides a 0,25 m distance between the rigid rope net and the ship side.

    The Dacon Scrambling Net can be provided in an all-black design for Navy vessels.

  • Dacon Rescue Basket
    The Rescue Basket is a stable and effective power-assisted rescue basket with a 30+ years track record....

  • The Rescue Basket is a stable and effective power-assisted rescue basket with a 30+ years track record. It is a rugged aluminium construction with soft padding. It has a large float attached to the mast to prevent capsizing and net covered sides for safety. While in the water this maritime rescue system will have a low floating position, assisting people to easily get inside. The attached fenders will rotate and therefore further contribute to an easy "float-in" access from the sea. The fenders also provide protection when hauled against the ship side during recovery.

    The lifting mast folds down for storage and it comes shipped in two halves to keep shipping costs down.

    The Dacon Rescue Basket meets the requirements by UKOOA, NMD and various classification societies for use onboard Standby Vessels.

  • Dacon Rescue Dummy
    High- quality rescue training manikin for realistic rescue scenarios....

  • The Dacon Rescue Dummy is probably the best and most realistic training dummy or manikin developed for water rescue training. Previously, while conducting training on various rescue equipment provided to customers, we often came across different types of rescue training manikins made of filled coveralls or other training dummies which had a very light weight and a low resemblance to a real human body.

    As a response we developed a rescue training manikin or dummy with the following key features:

    • Realistic height (1,9 m) and weight (up to 85 kg)
    • Realistic joints, with restricted limb movements similar to human`s
    • Extremely rugged - The rescue dummy survives a drop from a platform`s helicopter deck  and other rough usage
    • Test dummy adjustable to float horizontally or vertically in the water 
    • Also available with a negative buoyancy for underwater SAR training
    • Drainable training manikin for lighter weight during i.e. transport or storage

    The Dacon Rescue Dummy is in use on ships and in training centres all over the world as well as Fire Departments, Police, Diver training and many others.

    The rescue manikin or dummy can be provided with a yellow (standard) or grey (for advanced SAR) PVC coverall. 

  • Rescue Star Basket
    The RescueStar® is a versatile rescue system designed to rescue casualties from the sea. Due to its innovative design the product is easy to use and requires little space for storage.

    High degree of adaptability to onboard and sea conditions....

  • Special features:

    • Folding ability upon storage
    • No personal risk to the crew
    • Automatic adaptation to wave height by the sliding function of the floating rescue disc on the crane hawser/ leader cable
    • Robust steel framework
    • Floats app. 2 m below surface – provides easy access for persons in the water
    • Floating rescue disc carries the rescue equipment independently of the (crane) cable, with a  floating function (like a buoy)
    • Two safety guide ropes prevent the equipment from swinging while being raised
    • Low maintenance

    Typical application:

    • Any and all vessels with limited deck/storage space and the need of a compact stored rescue basket
  • Reach and Rescue Pole
    The Reach and Rescue Pole is a multi-award winning long reach telescopic rescue pole system. It has changed the way rescue services conduct water rescue – saving lives and keeping the operator out of the hazard zone.

  • Deployment within seconds

    One of the unique features of this system is the compact telescopic design which can be deployed to its maximum potential within seconds, saving valuable time on your rescues. With its massive 17 metre reach capability to save lives from great distances.
    All poles come in 4 extended lengths, and with multi-functional attachments making the pole super versatile for many different rescue applications.

    The Rescue Poles are manufactured using multiple layers of the highest grade carbon fibre giving the system outstanding strength, rigidity and light weight. This provides users with control and confidence in the pole which ensures accuracy and speed in vital rescues.

    • Improved Operator Safety
    • Poles extend to 60ft length
    • Accurate Deployment
    • Faster Retrieval
    • Simplicity 
    • Huge Capability
    • Feet on the ground. No need to enter the water
    • Poles not affected adversely by wind or current
    • Extending and collapsing of poles is very quick
    • Easy concept. Minimal Training
    • Many different pole end rescue tools to choose


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