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Trimaco is proud to be distributors of a variety of products that are used in the marine industry. This includes surface protection products and PPE related to luxury boats, cruise lines and boat manufacturing, including large scale vessels such as naval ships, tankers and barges, as well as sport ships, yachts, and sailboats. Used by both boat owners and boat builders, our products are known for both their function as well as their durability.


  • Aqua Shield®
    Up to 40 mil thickness
    Leakproof—ideal for indoor or outdoor projects
    Provides dust-free protection
    Flame Retardant tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2
    Aqua Shield meets requirements for NAVSEA temporary deck covering as outlined in NAVSEA contract...

  • Aqua Shield® is a flame retardant, reusable surface protector. The heavy duty surface protector is leak proof and slip resistant. The heavy duty roll comes in multiple thicknesses and protects all types of surfaces during the manufacturing, building and repair processes. The dust-free protective floor covering is ideal for healthcare facilities and large construction jobs. Quick and easy installation dramatically cuts labor cost. Up to 40 mil thickness for maximum strength against forklifts and scissor lifts.
  • X•Plastic™
    Durable 4mm thickness
    Heavy duty plastic surface protector designed to repel liquids
    Economical + reusable
    Corrugated Plastic
    Non toxic + chemical resistant plastic surface protector
    Lightweight temporary floor protection sheets...

  • Temporary impact resistant protection used for covering floors, walls and counter-tops. The 4mm, light weight corrugated plastic board is durable and reusable. This floor protector will stand up to forklifts, wear and tear, and is designed to repel liquids. Plus the plastic sheeting protective coating is chemical resistant and non-toxic. X•Plastic™ can also be used as a concrete floor protection product, table top protector or a temporary floor protector against wear and tear
  • X-Paper
    1.5x thickness of builder’s paper
    Provides floor protection during construction, remodeling and more!
    Made in the USA
    More durable + long-lasting
    Repels minor spills

  • X-Paper is a heavy duty construction paper. It provides temporary floor protection against water spills, paint splatters, scratches and foot traffic. It’s thicker than regular builder’s paper and red rosin paper, yet breathable to allow floors to continue the curing process.

    This heavy duty flooring paper provides superior protection for all types of floors and surfaces including hardwood flooring, stairs, cabinets and even counter tops. It is easy to work with and repels minor spills. Spend less time applying and reapplying paper on the job. This construction paper will be a must on your job!

  • One Tuff® Wipers
    Great for paint clean up
    Tough on all surfaces
    Durable wet or dry
    Super absorbent
    Great for shop use
    Not washable...

  • Trimaco’s One Tuff® Wiping Cloth is engineered of Sontara® in a spun-lacing process, using needle-like jets of water to entangle fibers into one of the most durable wiping cloths available.

    It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including household and paint clean up, manufacturing, automotive and machinery repair and many more! With its bigger sheet size, strength and durability, you can use and re-use a One Tuff over and over! Towels come in a convenient dispenser box, proudly made in the USA.

  • Wonder Rag®
    14″x17″ towels
    Absorbs like a sponge
    Streak free and lint free
    Made in the USA
    Washable: machine wash cold, tumble dry low*...

  • Trimaco’s Wonder Rag® is made of a unique microfiber material that is great for removing paint spills and splatters from surfaces. The streak free and lint free wiper is ideal for polishing and cleaning all surfaces. Wonder Rags are pre-washed for softness and absorbency. They’re highly absorbent plus washable and reusable. The Wonder Rag will be one of your favorite wipers! Proudly made in the USA.
  • DuPont Tyvek Coveralls
    All day superior protection
    Blocks liquids and particles
    Breathable and tear-resistant
    Low linting to prevent debris on your paint job...

  • Looking for dependable, all-day protection on the job? DuPont Tyvek Coveralls are the answer. Go ahead, put them to the test. These protective coveralls block liquids and airborne particles, yet are breathable for all day comfort. The low-static material is durable and protects even when abraded. Keep debris off your final product. The low-linting fabric is ideal for paint applications. Don’t bring the mess home – keep dust, spray and splashes off your clothing and skin with these high performance coveralls.
  • Easy Mask® Tape & Drape
    Treated film attracts overspray
    Film clings to anything
    Quick and easy temporary wall protection
    Straight lines and reduced touch-ups
    For commercial and residential use...

  • Trimaco’s Easy Mask® Tape & Drape Pre-taped Masking Film is perfect protection for use in areas where you want to catch drips and overspray, making this product the ultimate time saver! Tape is applied along one edge of high-density masking film. This film has a unique coating which helps create cling to the surface protected – even in windy conditions or with spray applicators.

  • Easy Mask® Protective Carpet Film
    Leaves no adhesive residue for up to 30 days
    Paint, construction, residential, real estate, marine, industrial and more
    Non-skid carpet protector film
    Highly resistant to tears...

  • Easy Mask® Protective Carpet Film is reverse wound for easy application. The non-skid film protects against spills, dirt and foot traffic. Once applied, the carpet protector film provides a tight bond with soft surfaces such as carpet. Although the carpet cover is tough and long lasting, it’s easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue within 30 days. The carpet protector film is highly resistant to punctures and tears, making it great for carpeted stairs or high traffic areas.

  • CX3™ Surface Protective Film
    Protects all surfaces
    Leaves no residue
    Long lasting and repositionable
    Smaller size is great for protecting railings
    Pressure sensitive film...

  • CX3 is unlike any protective film on the market. This pressure sensitive tacky film works on any surface and leaves absolutely no residue. We like to think of it as the protect all film of the century! With no adhesive added to the film, there is no risk of leaving it on too long. It works on a variety of surfaces including granite, stone, hardwood, carpet, tile, glass, laminate and more. This all purpose protective film can be used on any jobsite and is repositionable for longer use. So, in essence, it will cover all areas of the jobsite; floors, walls, counter tops, windows, walkways, carpet, just about anywhere you can think to use it, CX3 will work!

  • SuperTuff® Spray Sock
    Protects against paint overspray
    Medium weight
    100% cotton
    Spray socks fits most...

  • The SuperTuff® Spray Socks provide comfortable protection against overspray on the job. The stretch-to-fit 100% cotton hoods are breathable, washable and cool to wear. The stretch knit material covers head, neck, mouth and/or nose and can be worn with goggles. Our Spray Hood has the same qualities but with a looser fit that doesn’t stretch.


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