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    SKYDEX is a global leader in advanced impact mitigation and cushioning solutions and is dedicated to Protecting People and Things That Matter®. With superior precision, durability and tunability, our proprietary technology is engineered to excel in the harshest and most demanding conditions. Our customized applications unlock value for customers across an extensive range of commercial, military, athletic and consumer applications.     We are a team of innovators, engineers and problem solvers - and we are dedicated to maximizing your performance. We actively seek out every possibility to push our technology to its limits to meet specific impact and cushioning needs. From enhancing bomb suits to protecting over 24,000 military vehicles and 6,000 marine craft, we leverage our technical expertise and keen understanding of our customer’s challenges to develop customized applications that deliver long-term value.    Key Products for the marine industry include: 
  •     Impact Mitigating Boat Decking
  •     Shock Attenuating Boat Seat Cushions
  •     Custom Helm Mats
  •     Other PPE


  • Impact Mitigating Boat Decking
    SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Boat Decking is a complete, high-performance decking product line that uses patented energy-absorbing geometries to mitigate impacts and minimize the potential for injury due to wave slam in high-speed craft operations....

  • Launched to the market in 2003 in collaboration with the US Navy, over 7,000 craft are protected by SKYDEX boat decking. By absorbing 60% more force than common foam-cushioned decking, all of the SKYDEX boat decking products feature an energy-absorbing layer engineered for low profile protection from repetitive impacts and an integrated marine grade non-slip top surface. 

    Easily cut to fit around deck fittings, hatches, equipment and between seats and consoles. Options to add transition edges for a safer profile with a range of installaion options from custom fit to drop in place solutions. SKYDEX offers a range of solutions to meet the desired level of deck coverage and customization for retrofit solutions or new craft design. 

  • Impact Mitigating Seating Inserts
    SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Seat Cushion Inserts are engineered to mitigate impact energy from wave slam while significantly improving comfort. Designed to be easily integrated into any cushion, SKYDEX Inserts enhance seat performance....

  • Watercraft operation introduces a range of dangers to both craft operators and passengers. Exposure to wave impacts, repetitive shock and whole-body vibration (WBV) has been linked to fatigue, decreased operational effectiveness and injury on the water.

    To address this, mechanical suspension systems have been integrated by many as a shock reduction strategy. However, due to design contraints and the financial investment required to install and maintain, they are an impractical solution for many craft.

    As a leading provider of protective solutions for shock attenuation, SKYDEX has developed a line of seat cushion inserts. Layered within the existing foam cushion, SKYDEX enhances the protective capabilities of the seat when a suspension system can't be installed.

  • SKYDEX Sea Shocks
    Sea Shocks helm mats utilize SKYDEX impact and cushioning technology to cushion your course. Engineered to handle a wide variety of boat speeds and conditions and are fit for one person to stand at the helm or their favorite fishing position....

  • Designed to Protect!

    Sea Shocks helm mat utilizes SKYDEX’s impact and cushioning technology to cushion your course through smooth sailing or the perfect storm. These anti-fatigue boat mats are engineered to handle a wide variety of boat speeds and conditions and are fit for one person to stand behind the helm or at their favorite fishing position.

    Stay out longer doing what you love!

    The mat is designed to offer a minimal amount of cushioning while standing, but then provide unbeatable impact absorption during repeated wave slam. After a day out on the water, you’ll be thankful to have Sea Shocks aboard!

    Simple, Drop In Place Installation

    No installation is required to use your Sea Shock, unlike other helm mats where you have to drill into the boat’s deck or use an adhesive that can leave behind a tough to clean residue. Weighing in at 10 pounds, the Sea Shocks mat stays in place under its own weight and can be easily moved around the deck.

  • ENDURANCE Seat Cushion Inserts
    By replacing 100% of the foam in your seat cushion, SKYDEX offers unbeatable durability with unmatched protection from shock and impact to keep you safe on the water....

  • For 15+ years SKYDEX has been a leading provider for the marine market and now introduces their latest material for marine seating. By replacing 100% of the foam in your seat cushion, SKYDEX offers unbeatable durability with unmatched protection from shock and impact to keep you safe on the water.

    Unlike foam that rapidly degrades over time and with use, SKYDEX is proven to provide consistent performance and protection on the water - extending the life and quality of your boat’s seats.


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