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State Road Occupational Medical Facility is dedicated to the on-going operations of industrial business. We understand the complexity of workforce health and safety.  We are continuously growing and expanding by working directly with our customers to ensure that their company will perform to the highest standard of quality occupational healthcare. State Road Occupational Medical Facility is dedicated to provided services such as telehealth, covid-19 business plans, on-site covid-19 testing, and many more services at an affordable rate. 


  • Return to Work Screenings
    Get your employees back to work faster with our return to work screenings....

  • Get your employees back to work faster with our return to work screenings.  We follow up with your workforce and get them back to work when they are medically ready.
  • Telemedicine
    Get around the clock access for all workplace injuries...

  • Accidents happen no matter what time of day.  Get 24/7 access to a medical provider for your entire workforce.  Whether it be a minor injury like a burn or something more serious, we have been working with several shipping companies, and have the knowledge and experience on how to respond to these situations.
  • Covid-19 Screening and Monitoring
    24/7 availability and access for covid-19 exposure and/or covid positive cases...

  • In this ever-changing covid-19 world, it is important to work with an occupational healthcare company that has the experience and knowledge to not only guide your company but be able to keep it running smoothly as possible even in the event of a covid-19 exposure or positive case.  
  • Covid-19 Testing
    Get the testing that you need now!...

  • State Road Medical Facility offers Rapid Covid-19 PCR testing to get the most accurate picture of the current healthcare state of your employees.  We also off Off-Site availability, (based on location).
  • Covid-19 Antigen Testing
    Add another layer of protection against covid-19 for your workforce....

  • State Road Medical Facility offers off-site covid-19 antigen testing with telemedicine.  This has been a great option for many maritime companies who have crew that comes in contact with different vendors or have employees on and off-boarding the vessel.  
  • Medical Kits/ Medical Supply Inventory
    Have your boat stocked with basic first-aid and medical supplies....

  • Take the guesswork out of what is or is not needed on your ships.  State Road Medical Facility will work with you and your team to tailor specific medical bags for each of your ships.  We stock them and ship them to your facility.  We also track and follow them to send out replenishments as needed. 
  • Call of Port Health Management
    In case of a healthcare emergency, be sure you know where to send your employees....

  • Take the guesswork out of knowing where to send your employees if something happens while on the ship and you need to get medical attention quickly at the next available port.  We have done the research and can tell you the closest place to go at your list of ports; whether it be a hospital, urgent care, taxi, etc. 
  • Occupational Operational Planning & Policy Develop
    Get help and work with industry professionals on how to best plan and implement an occupational healthcare plan for your business....

  • Does your company have an occupational healthcare plan in place? Do you know what to do in the instance of a covid-19 positive case while on the water?  State Road Medical Facility has worked with others in the industry as well as the CDC and the US Coast Guard to enact best practices for various companies.  Let us help you and your business plan for whatever can happen. 


Please feel free to e-mail us at, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!