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Kold-Ban International has developed the KSM engine starting system that powers up any engine every time, even with a rundown or dead battery. They also have portable solutions to jump start any engine quickly. Both use supercapacitors to provide reliable, maintenance free starting for boats large and small, as well as for other vehicles like RVs. The KSM recharges quickly in just 30 seconds and last for over 1,000,000 cycles.

Easy to install – Place in any orientation, vertically, horizontally, or even upside down

Long service life – It will last up to 20 years

Versatile – Operates in temperatures from -40°F to 185°F

Made in the USA


  • KSM Starting Module
    Avoid downtime from the failure of lead-acid batteries with the innovative KSM™ Starting Module. Engineered with a commercial grade supercapacitor.


  • The KSM™ assures you will never experience a "no-start" from a dead battery again. It’s a supercapacitor, and when it is installed in a boat, downtime from a dead battery is completely eliminated.

    The device is initially energized from the boat’s electrical system and stores the energy until needed. Even with a rundown battery, the KSM™ provides an engine the power it needs to start. It is virtually unaffected by temperatures and is completely maintenance free.

    KSM™ has a long service life, with upwards of one million cycles without the loss of cranking power, compared to an average battery’s life of 300 – 500 cycles. It often outlasts the equipment it is installed in. Thousands of units are in service and have been operating effectively for many years. KSM™ is 100% maintenance free, so you don't have to access it until you move it to your next boat.


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