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An all in one enterprise solution platform for the marine industry, created by industry professionals who understand the wants and needs of the end user.

Our all-in-one SaaS solution includes operations and logistics, compliance, maintenance, and crew scheduling.

TowWorks focuses on hiring marine industry professionals and creating lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring our solutions meet our customers’ needs for seamless workflow and streamlining of mission-critical business functions. Our highly skilled development and implementation team members have years of marine and software experience, and our support staff affords each customer additional resources for ensuring data integrity and efficient processing of information. After all of these years, TowWorks is still focused on our mission of constantly staying ahead of the trend and providing innovative software solutions to an industry that is constantly changing. TowWorks understands the increasing need for shoreside operations to remain in constant contact with vessels underway, thus the TowWorks Boat Console makes communication in real-time easy. We understand that making the decision to purchase and implement a new technology package isn’t always easy. Rest assured, the TowWorks team will work side-by-side with you until the implementation meets your expectations and gives your company the advantage of increased profits and efficiency.


  • Operations and Logistics
    TowWorks Operations and Logistics is an all-in-one solution for vessel dispatching, barge planning, and billing of all marine services for your company....

  • Looking for a seamless flow between dispatch, vessels, and billing?

    TowWorks Operations and Logistics platform will allow you to have a one stop shop for all vessel dispatching, barge planning, and billing. Our completely customizable event engine that is directly integrated with our sophisticated rate engine will allow for any organization to efficiently dispatch orders for their equipment, gather real time events from vessels or dispatch, and flow straight into your billing department for streamlined invoicing to your customer.


      Store all your contract data in one centralized system. This can include all your rates and escalators, with over 60 parameters to choose from to make billing a breeze. Also, asset-type billing minimum, demurrage rules, tariffs, and even attachments.

      Do you need an easy way to calculate barge tonnages via draft tables? Type your opening and closing measurements into TowWorks for automatic calculation of proper tonnage on each barge trip and generate the load ticket for transmission internally and to the customer.

      With all barge traffic consolidated into one system, you can easily track revenue and expenses per job. As traffic is completed, TowWorks offers clarity into what made you money, where your losses occurred and what your fleet utilization picture is in real-time.

      TowWorks allows unlimited portals for your customers and vendors, granting them a birdseye view of jobs without cumbersome phone calls and emails. Real-time load and unload reports from facilities and customer sites allows for seamless sharing of information and facilitates quicker decision-making and ultimately faster turnaround times.

      Utilizing all the data you’ve worked so hard to collect and create custom reports for your customers or for internal use. Using TowWorks standard graphing and pivot table functions, define the metrics you need and generate reports with ease.


    • With TowWorks Line Haul Towing Module, users easily manage and plan a vessel’s trip from start to end. From the comprehensive fleet diagram to tow planning, automated customer e-mail notifications and real time vessel mapping; TowWorks provides you with the data and tools you need to efficiently manage your fleet.


    • As restrictions on the US inland market become more and more stringent, managing your equipment becomes vital to your success in the industry. With TowWorks Unit Tow module, you have a centralized location for planning, dispatching, billing and crew management. TowWorks drag and drop functionality and automatic log capabilities, let your wheelmen focus on safe operation of the vessel versus time-consuming and cumbersome data entry.


    • The TowWorks Tankerman module is purpose-built for third-party Tankerman Service companies and companies with internal Shore Tankerman teams. Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, and silos of data in multiple locations. With TowWorks Tankerman Management users can schedule employees for jobs, track their progress, schedule relief crew, track travel and overtime, as well as automatically assign equipment and tasks required for particular job types.
  • Maintenance
    Understanding that Maintenance and Compliance go hand-in-hand, the TowWorks Maintenance module tie together issues, tasks, forms, and checklists to ensure your vessels are compliant and maintained to industry-standard and regulatory requirements....

  • Having trouble keeping track of maintenance work orders and tasks for your fleet?


    • The TowWorks Maintenance module lets you manage your maintenance needs using work orders, issues, and tasks, along with setting maintenance alerts and limits in the individual component trees. By tracking work orders, issues, and tasks from the vessel to the sub-component level you have the real-time and historical data you need to start proactively managing your maintenance. Set service intervals, maintenance plans, and schedule overhauls based upon service hours, daily, monthly, or other time-based schedules depending on manufacturer recommendations or your TSMS.
  • Human Capital Management
    Tightly integrated with the Compliance module, users have insight into employee credentials, drills, training, and other forms completed. With integration to popular accounting and payroll systems, TowWorks shares data to facilitate payroll processing....

  • Manage all your employee details from scheduling to pay rates, in one location.


    • Schedule and manage your crews from one easy to use dashboard so your crew dispatchers or personnel department can keep track of your employees by vessel, position, or crew rotation.

    • Quickly and easily transfer crewmembers between vessels depending on your needs and crew availability.

    • Track and approve payroll for export to your company’s accounting and payroll systems without duplicating data entry in multiple systems.

    • In addition to individual daily or hourly pay rates you can add overtime, shift differentials, single man, ride over and other user defined pay escalators automatically based upon your needs.

    • Manage all your employees’ credentials, training, pay and other items in the individual employee files.

    • Create user PINs and signatures easily, to facilitate digital signatures on trainings, drills, and other documents. Completed trainings and drills are then tied to the employee record and are visible throughout the system under vessels, the employee record, and under completed forms in the Compliance module.
  • Compliance
    TowWorks Compliance module is the answer to all your compliance needs, consolidating all your information in one easy-to-navigate tool....

  • Problems Keeping Track of Vessel Issues, Credentials & Internal Form Data?


    • The TowWorks Compliance Module integrates portions of Operations, Human Capital, Maintenance, and other modules to give you the KPI’s you need in today’s audit/assessment-heavy operating environment. Our user-generated inspection forms allow users to design and control the forms, inspections, drills, checklists, etc. that your company uses on a daily basis while maintaining historical document revisions and content controls automatically.

    • Employee and asset credentialing allow you to track expiration and renewal dates for all your certifications, inspections, licenses, training, and other items necessary to keep your people and your equipment working. The ability to auto-generate tasks and issues increases visibility and accuracy to quickly validate and resolve problems.

    • TowWorks facilitates complete “cradle-to-grave” management of issues, from initial identification through observation, failures, audits, and inspections to resolution, with full ability to document the steps and processes used to simplify closure.
  • Voyage Planning
    Our automated Voyage Planner is the first and only solution to meet all Sub-Chapter M requirements for navigation assessment and voyage planning. The module offers real-time updates on all inland river information....

  • All your route planning, data, and maps in one automated, but customizable solution.


    • With the click of a button in TowWorks Voyage Planner a wheelman can create a voyage plan that does all the route planning for him by pulling in the start and destination locations from his current orders. The software then plans and maps the route, adding local notices to mariners, weather, river stages, lock, and bridge information to include dimensions and air-drafts; all combined into an easy to read log that is continuously updated throughout the voyage.

    • The route map utilizes built-in technology to navigate through the trip, serving up route information in real-time. So, as the vessel approaches a hazard, the wheelman sees Local Notices to Mariners, internal notes about the location and weather, lock, and bridge data to plan his next moves accordingly and with as much information as possible.

    • Perform pre-sail and navigation assessments, watch-change checklists, and other tasks to ensure regulatory compliance directly inside the Voyage Planner module.


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