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Seacoast is a master stocking distributor specializing in supplying electrical cables, equipment, connectivity and armoring services for the commercial shipboard, offshore, and military industries. Seacoast is based in Chesapeake, Virginia and has additional stocking locations in Texas, California, and Toronto. Visit our website


  • TP(IS)T/NT
    Signal Cable, Shielded Twisted Pair, 600 Volt...

  • Type T/N (PVC) insulation, nylon sheath, twisted pairs, color coded per IEEE-45, stranded drain wire, polyester/aluminum foil tape shield, the required number of pairs cabled with fillers where necessary, binder tape as required, Type T (PVC) jacket. IEEE 45. Flame retardant – meets IEEE 1202/UL-1685 flame test requirements. Optional Aluminum or Bronze Armor.

  • T/NT
    Power & Light
    IEEE-45/UL 1309
    USCG and ABS Accepted for Marine and Shipboard use


  • Type T/N (PVC Insulation), 600 Volts, stranded bare copper conductors, thermoplastic (PVC) insulation and clear nylon jacket over each conductor, fillers where necessary, binder tape over assembled conductors, PVC jacket, braided metal armor (optional, in Aluminum or Bronze). Individual conductors are color coded in accordance with IEEE 45-1998. Flame retardant-meets IEEE 1202/UL 1685 flame test. Optional Aluminum or Bronze Armor.
  • VFD (EMC) 0,6/1 kV
    Flexible LSHF screened cable for Variable Frequency Drive cables (VFD cables).
    ACCORDING TO: IEC 60502-1 / IEC 60092-353...

  • VFD (EMC) cable has been specially designed for Variable Frequency Drive Motors and installations where it is necessary to limit the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). This is a flexible cable for fixed installations, for variable speed motors or pumps.

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Power & Control Cable
    The Marine power cable.
    ACCORDING TO: IEC 60092-353...

  • Marine power and lighting cable with halogen free is a safety cable. In case of fire, it does not emit toxic or corrosive gases, thereby protecting public health and avoiding any possible damage to electronic equipment. For this reason, its use is recommended in marine applications.

  • Roxtec RM modules
    For use with Group RM components
    Adaptable sealing modules for cables and pipes

  • Sealing modules for use with Roxtec frames. Provide Multidiameter™, the Roxtec technology based on removable layers, for perfect adaptation to a cable or a pipe. When used with a solid core, the module functions as a spare module for future capacity.

  • Roxtec R frame
    For use with RM modules
    Attachment by expansion in holes
    Pipe sleeve accessory available...

  • The Roxtec R is a round expansion frame with a square packing space for cables, pipes and modules. Compression is integrated in the frame. Allows installation around existing cables and pipes.

  • CAT7
    Backbone connections between servers within a data center, to provide a high-speed interconnect used for data transfer within the network....

  • •Available in stranded (AWG 22/7 CAT7) and solid (AWG 23/1 Cat 7) conductors

    •Halogen free and low smoke, flame retardant

    •DNV certified

    •Different colour outher sheaths, other than grey, available on request

  • Mil spec 24643
    Low smoke, flame retardant, zero halogen cables...

  • The U.S. Navy designed and introduced the M24643 specification to provide cables that would reduce concerns about flammability, smoke and toxicity.

  • Mil spec 24640
    Low smoke, flame retardant and zero halogen cables...

  • The U.S. Navy designed and introduced the M24640 specification to provide cables able to meet circuit density, weight and size considerations.


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