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MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) is an independent and innovative service provider specializing in hydrodynamic assessments and investigations for  over 80 years. MARIN is headquartered in Wageningen, Netherlands with offices in Houston and Chesapeake in the USA (MARIN USA Inc.). We can do a range of studies with our software (CFD, frequency and time domain), model test facilities, ship bridge simulators and full scale measurement teams. We service various markets like Transport and Shipping (including inland shipping), Oil and Gas, Renewables, Defense, Passengers and Yachting etc.).


  • Model Tests and Numerical Studies
    We are a world leading institute in doing scale model tests of ships and various offshore structures. Also have various in-house software to do sea-keeping, maneuvering, mooring, CFD analysis among others....

  • Our track record in research and innovative concept development would not be possible without our facilities and tools. Since the start we have made thousands of ships and operations around the world safer, faster, more efficient and greener. Aiming to bridge the gap between design and operation we are involved in the entire lifecycle of the ship, from the initial concept development to design, construction and subsequently to the final operation. This allows us to continuously assess and improve our research.

    We have a complete range of model test facilities, software tools, simulators, numerical facilities and measurement techniques to test, simulate and monitor ships and operations including the human factor. The unique combination and synergy of these facilities and tools enable us to achieve reliable predictions of the performance in the design phases, but also to improve and ensure the optimal operational use of the ship or structure.
  • Analysis of Wind Turbine Installation Vessels
    Numerical and scale model evaluation of WTIVs...

  • A Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) is a complex and hybrid vessel: during its operations it transforms from a vessel to a platform and vice versa on a regular basis. MARIN can assist you to determine the operational performance of your Wind Turbine Installation Vessel from a hydrodynamic point of view, both in the design phase as well as in daily operations.

    Services for Wind Turbine Installation Vessels:

    Hull & Propulsion optimization

    Vessel motions/ Crew comfort

    Jack-up leg impact load analysis

    DP station keeping accuracy analysis

    Operability analysis

    Training of crews on full mission bridge simulator

    Tools to support onboard daily operations

  • Speed Power Prediction
    Tool for quick prediction of speed-power relation in early design stage....

  • The MARIN tool DESP provides a powerful instrument to predict the speed power relation in an early design stage. The tool is used in combination with model test data of similar ships in order to improve  the prediction.

    In this way different alternatives can be compared.The effect of restricted water  can be included. This includes the effect of shallow water and/or a restricted width of a fairway.

  • Operational Analysis applying voyage simulations
    Scenario simulation tool for ship route simulations....

  • The scenario simulation tool GULLIVER is available for so-called ship route simulations. Already during design stage an analysis can be made of for example fuel consumption in different conditions over a complete voyage of a pushtow on a river. In sea going situations different databases are used to collect the relevant wind and wave data. This is used for performance assessments with the GULLIVER tool providing insight in for example operational windows and service reliability, or comfort levels for crew and or passengers.

    The availability of data of the fairway is an important precondition. In case no detailed data is available one could opt for applying a more schematic approach in which data of current, fairway depth and width, slope etc. is estimated. In this way different propulsion options could be compared and/or the performance in varying fairway conditions could be varied.

  • Improving Towboat and inland ship designs
    Can optimize the design of inland vessels to decrease resistance, improve efficiency...

  • Can optimize the design of inland vessels to decrease resistance, improve efficiency.


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