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GA Communications LLC is the exclusive distributor for Glomex Spa in the Americas. Glomex manufactures a complete range of marine antennas including AM/FM, VHF, AIS, TV, and Internet Antennas. The Glomeasy range of antennas, mounts, and accessories lets you to find the perfect fit for your boat or project. The weBBoat line of internet devices allows for internet connectivity up to 20 miles offshore. ZigBoat is a range of IoT devices to monitor your boat and systems from afar. Glomex is constantly developing new and innovative products so that you're never alone on the water.


  • weBBoat 4G Lite EVO
    The weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO is a COMPACT COASTAL INTERNET 4G/3G/Wi-Fi SINGLE SIM system to surf the web at sea (up to 15 miles from the coast). The system provides a balance between size and performance, ensuring stable and high speed connections....

  • The weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO is a COMPACT COASTAL INTERNET 4G/3G/Wi-Fi SINGLE SIM integrated system to surf the web at sea (up to approximately 15 miles from the coast) and in marginal signal areas on land. The system provides the perfect balance between small dimensions and great performance, ensuring stable and high speed connections. The weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO is equipped with two 4G/3G diversity antennas, one Wi-Fi antenna, an internal single SIM card slot, and a super-fast 3G/4G/Wi-Fi router that creates a safe hotspot on the boat and motorhome. Up to 24 different devices can be used simultaneously without any degradation to the signal or performance. The units built-in advanced switching software allows the user to save money on costly roaming and overage charges by automatically switching to Wi-Fi when available (for example the marina or campsite Wi-Fi). The weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO is a true Plug & Play device that requires minimal setup and only one power lead for the antenna which operates from 10-30 Vdc. Most importantly, all functions of the unit are controlled by the free App which is available for both Android and iOS devices. weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO has additional features such as automatic APN, SMS management/reading/sending to monitor internet consumption and automatic switching mode with onboard satellite internet devices/V-SAT and an encrypted real-time peer-to-peer connection for remote set-up and service. that increase the performance and usefulness of your integrated system Coastal Internet.
  • PRA461BU

  • 3.1dB gain.
    Vertically polarized, vibration proof, lightweight, corrosion resistant antenna.
    The antenna’s brass elements are protected by high a quality and rugged tapered fiberglass tube.
    Developed with appropriate materials for withstanding harsh marine environmental conditions.
    Easy mounting using the 1” 14 thread extended ferrule.
    Designed for a wide variety of installations.

    SO-239 termination.
    The antenna’s element is DC-grounded for reducing the noise caused by atmospheric discharge.
    Wide bandwidth with respect to SWR and gain.

    Antenna can also be used as a base station antenna.


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