In-Mar Systems, Inc.

Gonzales,  LA 
United States
  • Booth: 1921

In-Mar Systems, Inc. and In-Mar Solutions, LLC are agents and distributors of major marine products in the United States. We service the needs of the USCG, US Navy, cruise ships, ferries, offshore supply vessels, tug boats, anchor handling vessels, fire fighting vessels, military land vehicles and others. Products we distribute include those manufactured by Wynn Marine Wipers, FFS Fire-Fighting Systems, Alu Design Helm Chairs & Seating, West Mekan Passenger Seating, Nijhuis Pumps, Triplex Shark Jaws,  and In-Mar oil filtration systems and maintenance kits.


  • Wynn Marine Window Wipers
    Straight-Line Wipers
    Pantograph Wipers
    Pendulum Wipers
    Wiper Controls
    Window Wash Systems

  • Wynn Type D (externally mounted motor) and Type C (internally mounted motor) Heavy Duty, Straight-Line Wipers offer the most advanced design of linear action window wiping systems for marine and other specialized applications.  Project references include: military, offshore energy, tug/towboats, crewboats, ferries, cruise liners, dredges, crane cabs, fishing vessels, pleasure boats…anything with a window.

    Wynn offers a complete line of Pantograph/Pendulum Wiper systems for applications ranging from light to heavy duty.  Wiper models are available to be mounted interior or exterior of the bulkhead depending on available space and accessibility.  They can also be mounted above or below the window.  Optional features include heated wiper arms and window wash.

    Wiper controllers are available to operate each wiper individually, have multiple wipers assigned to multiple groups and controlled by a single keypad, or a combination of both.  Control features can include: 1, 2, or 3 speed operation, self-parking, intermittent wipe, wiper casing heater control, window heater control, and window wash/air purge functionality.

  • FFS - Fire Fighting Systems AS
    Off-Board Fire-Fighting...

  • Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) is the leading designer, maker and supplier of complete systems for external fire fighting in the marine market. We provide complete packages comprising all services and equipment exclusive piping required for installations onboard tugs, offshore vessels, fire boats and work boats in accordance with all class societies. We are a team of highly skilled engineers located in Norway and in Singapore.

    Our production and logistic center is located in Åmål, Sweden. We are focused on up-to-date design and engineering in order to provide the most competitive and best performing systems in the market. Our target is to be the best alternative for the customer’s bottom line in the long perspective. Our product range comprises pumps with drivers, monitors, foam mixers, deluge systems, remote control systems and all related equipment for a complete system. FFS will provide a system performance guarantee based on our engineering. Commissioning and class approvals for Fi-Fi 1, 2 and 3 notations are standard parts in our scope.

  • Alu Design Helm Chairs & Deck Rails
    Alu Design Helm Chairs & Deck Rails...

  • In-Mar Solutions offers a complete line of Alu Design & Services marine pilot chairs and deck rails. There is a standard line in addition to the option for custom designs to suit specific needs. Sleek, modern design and maximum utility and comfort are emphasized.


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