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United States
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Bureau Veritas, is the second oldest of all the Classification Societies, and our core mission is still as valid now as it was back when we were founded in 1828. Risk is ever-present. Protecting our clients’ people, ships and offshore structures drives every decision and action we take. This deep sense of purpose makes us go beyond the scope of individual projects to find new ways to anticipate and manage risk across the industry, promoting health and safety, and protecting the marine environment.

Our teams apply their knowledge and expertise every day to help our clients solve complex technical problems, meet regulatory requirements and optimize safety and performance. We develop advanced technology and tools, which we share with our clients. As a classification society, we bridge the gap between international regulations and the ambitions and needs of ship designers, builders and operators. By setting rules for work boats, ships, offshore structures and onboard equipment, and checking they are met, we contribute to safety at sea.


    We provide shipyards, design offices, naval architects, shipowners, offshore operators and contractors with high-value engineering services beginning at the design phase and continuing throughout the asset lifecycle....

  • We ensure the long-term, safe and environmentally-friendly performance of increasingly large assets by optimizing their structural design with our customized solutions. We offer world class technical expertise in design assessment, and our calculations help you achieve a range of objectives, from minimizing asset downtime and avoiding high vibration levels, to improving structural integrity in challenging conditions.
    We provide a range of services to enhance profitability of the asset whilst ensuring environmental performance against defined standards....

  • Profitability is a key concern for asset owners, and fuel efficiency can make all the difference. We use an array of expert methods, ranging from advanced Fluid Dynamics simulations to Model Based System Engineering, to optimize fuel consumption, reduce environmental impact and lower operational costs. We can also evaluate the benefits of new onboard technologies (e.g. electrical energy storage).

    CREATE - the best possible ship design through our bespoke methodology. REDUCE OPEX and fuel consumption via retrofit studies and trim optimization software. IDENTIFY sources of inefficient performance to find cost saving solutions. MAXIMIZE hydrodynamic efficiency by optimizing hull form, ship system design, and onboard energy production.

    BV provides a host of expert methods that help clients safeguard their business by minimizing risk to business, assets, personnel, and operating environment....

  • We provide expertise on safety, cost effective risk reduction, cybersecurity optimization, byber-consultancy (inc. penetration testing), and proactive maintenance, to ensure our clients’ assets remain secure, reliable and profitable. By undertaking risk studies at the earliest stages of a project, asset owners can make better decisions and reduce engineering, fabrication, construction and operational costs down the line.
    We provide a range of Class and Certification options to all vessel types, including US Flag, Inland waterway, and international conventions...

  • In addition to our Classification options, owners and operators seek assurance that their vessels will be certified to national and international standards. Bureau Veritas is recognized by many administrations as an official certification body (Recognized Organization) to carry out inspections with regard to international and national regulations on safety and environmental protection.
    Materials and equipment used for vessel construction and maintenance must conform to the Rules and applicable regulations. This includes, for instance, welding consumables, propulsion engine components, electrical devices, and fire safety equipment....

  • Type approval - Type approval is an approval process attesting to compliance with the Rules
    of a product, a group of products or a system, considered as representative of
    continuous production. The technical documentation is reviewed together with
    the appropriate test programme.

    Product design assessment - Bureau Veritas can verify that materials and equipment comply with the product
    design requirements specified by the relevant technical documentation.

    Individual product manufacturing - Bureau Veritas can conduct surveys relating to individual product manufacturing,
    including verification of the relevant tests.

    Third-party certification services - Bureau Veritas can provide third-party certification services for materials and equipment to meet the requirementsof recognized standards.


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