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Since 1937, Dillon has been a reliable solution for many industries and applications where proper line tension is imperative for safety and security. Check out our range of dynamometers that are used for overhead lifting, marine construction, towing, salvage, and many other offshore applications. Also, the Quick Check Tension Meter allows you to clamp on and quickly check the tension of cables for mast rigging, fall protection, safety lines and any cable where proper tension can save lives at sea.

More information about Dillon’s force measuring systems and how they could help your business is available on the dillon-force.com.


  • Quick Check-T Cell Tower Shunt Meter
    The Dillon Quick Check-T tension meter makes a difference. It reduces time on the job site by eliminating the need for whiteboards, changing sheaves, and the need for charts to figure out target tensions....

  • This unit also reduces time off of the job site by having automatic site form completion, with image, and direct complete reports.

    Key Features:

    • Bluetooth® enabled
    • Custom mobile app
    • Multi-wire single sheave
    • Calibration check rod
    • Automatic report generation with photos
    • Automatic target tension calculations
    • Ability to capture pre and post tension readings
    • Inbuilt image capture


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