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Datrex Inc., We are the reliable manufacturer and supplier of high quality safety products that services more than 40 countries worldwide. We operate 5 branches within the United States and we pride ourselves with fast and accurate deliveries from any of our warehouses, from coast to coast . In conjuntion with our own products (lifejackets, workvests, lifering buoys, rations and shipboard signage), we also represent prestigious brands from our international partners; CM HAMMAR, HANSSON PYROTECH, DANIAMANT, JOTRON, DACON, FT-TEC, DUARRY, SEA-SAFE, MULLION, KADEMATIC, SECUMAR and VELERIA SAN GIORGIO.

Our branches are located in Kinder, La, Miami, Fl, Jacksonville, Fl, New Castle, De and Seattle, Wa.

In addition, we also service inflatable liferafts, lifejackets, Immersion suits in our Florida and Seattle operations.

We Want Your Safety To Be Our Business.


    DATREX Workflow Work Vest Only Type III/V is for commercial applications where Type V Work Vest is required such as under Subchapter M. Workflow is designed for continuous wear while working near shore and easy access to safety and rescue....

    • USCG Approved Type V Work Vest with Type III swim performance
    • Articulating head support is out of the way for comfort and only supports the unconscious wearer’s head in water in case of emergency or rescue
    • Harness access on back panel to work universally with most fall protection harnesses
    • Highly visible orange color as required by USCG
    • Split foam system that surrounds the torso more uniformly and feels less bulky
    • Contoured and lighter weight foam for freedom of movement and longer life than PVC 
    • Durable polyethylene foam which is impervious to absorbing chemicals and oils
    • Mesh liner and back for added breathability and comfort, keeping you cool all day
    • Molle to attach accessories
    • Designed for minimal snag hazards
    • SOLAS grade retro-reflective on front and back for greater visibility 
    • Adult universal sizing – chest size 30″ to 52″
    • Tough construction and components to meet rigorous USCG requirments
    • Vinyl piping on edges to reduce chafing for added longevity
    • Patented design
    DATREX Maxflow Level 70 Newton lifejacket/PFD is designed for continuous wear while working near shore or easy access to safety....

  • Significant features with Datrex Maxflow:

    • Both USCG and TC approved, also conforms to ANSI Standards
    • Maxflow system to keep the user cooler and more comfortable
    • Split foam system that surrounds the torso more uniformly and feels less bulky
    • Mesh sides and shoulder for added breathability and comfort, keeping you cool all day
    • Contoured lightweight and durable flotation foam for freedom of movement
    • True and tailored sizing for today’s users available from Small to 3X-Large
    • New standard replacing Type III designation
    • Two 1” encircling belts with a heavy-duty zipper closure
    • Hidden belt to reduce snags
    • Two large pockets with hook and loop closure, pull tabs and tether loops inside pockets
    • Molle to attach accessories
    • Harness hole on back panel to work universally with fall harness protection
    • High visibility orange with SOLAS grade retroreflective
    • Hand warmer liner behind pockets with fleece
    • SOLAS grade retro-reflective tape on front and back of shoulders
    • USCG 160.064/4886/0, TC-20504-18, ANSI/CAN/UL 12402-5
    Vinyl dipped work vest for less restriction and easier working conditions...

    • USCG approved Type V Work Vest*
    • Highly visible bright orange color
    • Designed for maximum mobility and comfort
    • Durable vinyl dipped coating over PVC foam which is impervious to chemicals and oils
    • Opening in back to accommodate most fall harnesses • Adjustable shoulders and sides
    • Encircling belt and chest strap • Reflective panels on front and back for greater visibility
    • Contrasting stitching on belts and straps for more efficient vessel checks
    • Adult Universal – chest size 30″-52″ • Required Minimum 17.5 lbs. of buoyancy, Product has minimum of 19.5 lbs
    • U.S. made high density foam – most compact/comfortable Type V in the market
    • Made in the USMCA
    Datrex 400RT and 401RT are the most comfortable Type I USCG approved PFD in the market providing many years of use in multitude of commercial and recreational applications....

  •  It is designed for maximum wearability and buoyancy for offshore and rough waters where rescue may be delayed. With a minimum buoyancy of 24 lbs., it can turn an unconscious person from face down in the water to a vertical or slightly backward position. Polyethylene foam provides maximum flotation and will not lose buoyancy if cut or punctured. Sewn on SOLAS retro-reflective tape meet or exceed all requirements for commercial vessels carrying passengers for hire. The safest and most comfortable Type I available. This flotation device is recommended for use in offshore use.

    • The most comfortable USCG Type I PFD
    • 24 lbs. of minimum buoyancy
    • 63 Sq. inches of SOLAS-grade reflective tape
    • Weather and fade-resistant polyester
    • Light loop and whistle attachment over shoulder
    • Strongest stainless steel hardware available
    • Available child size
    DATREX Trident 275N SOLAS/MED dual chamber lifejacket is a high buoyancy commercial grade SOLAS approved inflatable PFD mostly used on mega yachts and commercial marine applications....

    • Dual chamber is for added safety at sea with one fully automatic Hammar hydrostatic inflater and a backup manual inflater. Hammar inflator is superior to other mechanism as it will not inflate
      accidentally due to moisture intrusion. It only inflates when water pressure is sensed . Once
      automatically inflated, both chambers are equipped with oral inflation tubes. Datrex Trident 275 includes a water activated lifejacket light, a whistle, buddy line, retroreflective tape and a hi-vis lifting loop for added safety while in water.
    • Designed for offshore use, this jacket is made to be worn comfortably as part of your attire while working out at sea. The DATREX 275N allows for full mobility over clothing and has a reduced profile.
    • DATREX Trident 275N fits comfortably over layers of clothing with double crotch straps. The exterior is made from a rugged dark cover that hides stains and dirt while the reflective and high visibility trim keeps you visible during day and night.
    • The neoprene neckline adds comfort and reduces skin chafing. Dual chamber is for added safety at sea with one fully automatic inflator and a backup manual inflator.
    • Once automatically inflated, both chambers are equipped with oral inflation tubes. Datrex Trident 275 includes a water activated lifejacket light, a whistle, buddy line, retroreflective tape and a hi-vis lifting loop for added safety while in water.

    Daniamant L6A-EX Lifejacket Light – Intrinsically Safe


  • Daniamant L6A-EX Lifejacket Light – Intrinsically Safe

    • Intrinsically Safe Lifejacket Light
    • Water activated and can be turned off manually
    • LED-technology, flashing
    • >0.75 cd >8 hours
    • 5 year shelf-life
    The only “Deckbuoy®”, it is used onboard commercial vessels, offshore installations and larger yachts....

  • All Datrex rings are molded from high impact linear low-density polyethylene for superior life expectancy in the most severe environments. The becket/grab lines are replaceable. MADE IN THE USA

    USCG, Canadian Coast Guard and MED approved.
    Approved Globally with retro reflective tape.

    • ITEM NO: DX0325D
    • DIAMETER: 30″ (76 cm)
    • WEIGHT: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
    • COLOR: International Orange
    • QUANTITY PER CASE: 3 per case
    • CASE DIMENSIONS: 31 x 31 x 13 inches (79 x 79 x 33 cm)
    • CASE WEIGHT: 28 lbs (12.7 kg)

    Drop tested up to 50 meters

    Datrex Ringbuoys can be marked or stenciled, please contact your local branch for details.

    Datrex also provides the 30" Bridgebuoy 4.0 KG and 24" and 20" rings in orange or white color as well.

    Daniamant L162 USCG/SOLAS/MED Lifebuoy Light with bracket...

  • Daniamant’s L160, L161, L162 and L163 Lifebuoy lights tested for use in polar regions

    • USCG approved
    • SOLAS/MED approed
    • Color: Orange with black bracket
    • Light Output: Min 2 Cd
    • Light Duration: Min 15 hours
    • Light Type: Flashing LED
    • Storage Life: 5 years
    • Max drop height: 76 meters
    • Weight: 300 grams
    • Activation: Automatic via pull cord
    • Transportation: Non-Hazmat
    The SEAANGEL SA15 AIS FLARE is tested according to SOLAS guidelines and has passed all safety and health inspections with flying colors. It is therefore suitable for the extensive requirements of commercial vessels....

  • Certifications – SOLAS regulations
    Manual activation – manual activation of the emergency signals by pulling the rip cord or using a button
    Better tracking – lighter location in the dark by the Status LED and LED flash light
    Transmission range – approx. 10 NM or in some cases more (depending on swell height, antenna height of receiver and on line of sight)
    Integrated GNSS receiver with 72 channels – supports GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and integrated antenna
    Unique device identifier – uniquely assigned emergency number
    Device properties – compact and lightweight
    Development & production – such as complementation, production and sales in and from Austria 
    Transmit mode – send a perpetual distress signal for 96 hours from activation even after 7 years
    Battery life – 7 years (attention: Immediate battery replacement by the manufacturer required after activation in an emergency)
    Frequency Range – AIS channel 1 and 2 (161.975 MHz / 162.025 MHz)
    Transmission power – 1 watt 
    Operating temperature range – -20 °C to 55 °C
    Small Dimensions – 62 mm x 42 mm x 28 mm excluding antenna
    Waterproof – IP X7
    Tested in accordance with: EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011, IEC 62479:2010, IEC 60945 (2002-08), IEC 61097-14:2010, IEC 61108-1:20

    IKAROS Line-Thrower Complete – USCG/SOLAS (MRA) JOINT APPROVAL...

  • or use as pilot lines for cables and ropes in rescue operations at sea. Can be use between vessels, from ship to shore or for rescuing people. A robust construction consisting of waterproof plastic container, incorporating an integral handle and trigger mechanism. When ordering a complete unit the Line Thrower container comes with a solid fuel rocket and 300 m of line.

    To use; Remove safety pin, keep arrows on the line-thrower parallel to the deck, press the line-thrower against your thigh, and pull the trigger.

    Made in Sweden by Hansson PyroTech AB since 1888.

    • ITEM NO: CI3461P
    • RANGE: 300 meters (985 ft)
    • DIMENSIONS: 340 x 230 mm (13.4 x 10.6 in)
    • WEIGHT: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)
    • LINE STRENGTH: 2,300 N

    Global Approvals – USCG, CA-DOT, BV/MED/SOLAS

    USCG also requires two buoyant heads per vessel which is optional for non-US Flag vessels.


Please feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@divcom.com, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!