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Webasto Marine Solutions boats and yachts and commercial vesseks are our passion – just as they are yours. In any scenario Webasto heating & cooling products proviude perfect atmosphere on board. Webasto is your reliable companion during project planning, build through commsisioning .ts and yachts to both OEMs and cutomers looking for retrofit options. Choose from many custom or drop in designs.  


  • Ti22 ProX Chilller Series
    Modular, Titanium Chillers Designed for North America


  • Designed specifically for the American market this series boasts many
    advanced features:
    Available in 36, 48, 60, 72 kBTU/h
    Available in 230V-1ph 50/60Hz and 230V-3Ph 60Hz
    American Titanium condensers
    American Scroll compressors
    Compatible with the Altivar 320 frequency drives Standard Reversible heat
    Up to 6 chiller modules connected to 1 controller
    Touch screen controller Webasto MyTouch
    Quick set up and easy troubleshooting
    The Ti22 ProX Series is great in the aftermarket as well.
    Webasto has designed this series to be an easy replacement
    of competitor systems
    Similar dimensions to competitor chillers
    Identical sea water connections
    Identical chilled water connections
    Identical wiring
    Alvitar 320 frequency drive compatible
    Competitive pricing
    Competitive configurations

  • Webasto Air Heaters
    Webasto Marine Air Heaters provide a better solution to boaters
    who require the ultimate in compartment and cabin heating.
    Operating up to 20 hours on a single gallon of fuel, Webasto
    Marine Air Heaters are quiet and a powerful source of heat on any

  • Webasto Air Heaters are available separately or as part of an
    all-inclusive Air Heater Kit.
    The New and improved Air Top 2000 STC boasts all of the features
    and benefits of its predecessor Air Top 2000 STC with improved
    • NEW Split marine wiring harness with two branches
    • (battery & cabin control)
    • NEW exterior temperature sensor
    • NEW low noise dosing pump 20% quieter

    The Air Top Evo 40/55 models offer greater comfort, safety and
    heating capacity for boats and yachts. Air heating ensures quick
    and efficient heating of cabins. The Air Top Evo is an economical
    retrofit solution for any boater.

    Key Features

    • Quiet operation
    • Fresh-air or recirculated air-intake
    • Sealed control electronics and connectors
    • Precise electronic temperature control system to
    • maintain a constant cabin temperature through
    • stepless modulation
    • Continuous heat output provides the exact
    • temperature desired
    • High air flow output
    • Low electrical power and fuel consumption
    • Robust composite casing, resistant to high
    • temperature and salt
    • Quick heat up time
    • Even distribution of warmth
    • Compact design
    • Compatible with BlueCool air conditioning systems
    • Automatic altitude compensation

  • Webasto Coolant Heaters
    Delivering the ultimate on-board heating solutions.
    Webasto Marine Coolant Heaters are an excellent addition to any vessel....

  • They provide on-board hot water for the galley and head, and can also deliver warm air to the cabins and compartments to keep
    the crew comfortable.
    Key Features

    • Heats cabin interiors and provides heat to potable
    • water for shower and galley
    • High heat output in a compact design
    • Low fuel and electrical power consumption
    • Even distribution of warm air
    • Quiet operation
    • Space-saving installation
    • Excellent opportunity to combine with the Webasto
    • BlueCool and FCF air conditioning systems
    • Separate temperature control in every cabin
    • Compact design
    • Robust aluminum casing, resistant to high
    • temperatures or salt
    • Meets currect boating requirements and standards
  • Webasto BlueCool V-Series
    Variable speed chiller air-conditioning system...

  • The new BlueCool V-Series chiller is the
    latest technology for high comfort central
    chiller systems. The innovative system
    runs on variable-speed brushless DC twin
    rotary compressors, controlled with inverter
    technology not only during the starting
    phase but continuously throughout operation. This leads to
    smooth and silent operation with no electrical starting peak,
    which enables downsizing of the genset (cost-savings). The
    advanced self-adapting control logic allows the unit to operate
    smoothly worldwide under all climates and frequencies, while
    delivering the best cooling performance at any time. Users can
    also limit the power demand of the unit to guarantee a cold cabin
    even in locations where average amperage is limited.

    The new BlueCool V-Series:

    • Large power modulation range:
    • 8,500-77,000 BTU/h (22.6 kW)
    • Variable speed BLDC compressors controlled by
    • inverter technology
    • Zero electrical starting peak
    • Super quiet operation
    • High system availability via dynamic control of HP/LP
    • boundary conditions
    • Adjustable amperage draw
    • Preventive maintenance monitoring system
    • Condensate free operation
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Low service and operation costs
    • Light and compact
    • Integrates Webasto’s BlueCool Expert diagnosis and
    • set up tool


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